What's a Subpoena?


  1. Psychos by Jenny Lewis on Psychos (Third)
  2. When the Angle Comes by Adanowsky and Karen O on The Fool (ABKCO Music and Records)
  3. Maria by Sam Burton on Maria (Tompkins Sound)
  4. Hether by Sad Song on Covered in Hethered (Yellow Sound Label)
  5. Checks in the Mail by John Andrews and the Yawns on Love the Underdog (Woodsist)
  6. Dystraction by Ty Segall and Emmett Kelly on Dystraction (Drag City)
  7. Do Rainbows Have Ends by Brian Jonestown Massacre on The Future is Past (BOMP!)
  8. Eat Your Young by Hozier on Eat Your Young (RCA)
  9. Julia by VOx Rea on Julia (604 Records)
  10. A Man Will Do Wrong by The Arcs on Electrophonic Chronic (Nonesuch)
  11. Waking Up In Los Angeles by The Fruit Bats on A River Running Through to You (Merge)