August 7, 2023


  1. I’m the Loneliest Gal in Town by Goldie Hill on Don’t Send Me No More Roses (Cherry Hill Records)
  2. Kola Superdeep Borehole by Jim O’Rourke, Elliot Sharp on Sakuraza (Drag City Records)
  3. Violent Weather by Catch Prichard on Violent Weather (Anxiety Blanket Records) New Local
  4. Lonesome Road by Earl Cupit on A Country Boy Looks Down That Lonesome Road (Countdown Media gmbH)
  5. Imminently by Julia Reidy on Beholder (Room40)
  6. Win the Lost by The Johnson Sisters on Sing Harmony (Capitol Records Nashville)
  7. A Gift From the Dark Ages by Huma Utku on Gnosis (Karlrecords)
  8. Touch My Heart by Lois Johnson on Touch My Heary (Ernest Tubb Show)
  9. Since You Went Away by Faye Tucker on Hit Made Famous By Country Queens (Countdown Media gmbH)
  10. Letters From the Attic by Chuck Johnson on Music From Burden of Proof (All Saints Records)
  11. An Ocean With No Waves by Phantom Tides on A letter from me to you, a very long time ago (Self-released)
  12. Slide Off Your Satin Sheets by Johnny Paycheck on Super Hits (Capitol Records Nashville)
  13. Eyes of Love by Margie Singleton on Not What He’s Got (Starday Records)
  14. Anti-Stress for Babies and Families by Suso Saiz on Nothing is Objective (Music From Memory)