EP013: Hammered and Sliced and Forced to Bow

It's episode 13, and the first program of Halloween, no less! This seems like the right day and episode to ask: Who really is Kenta Nigella? And why is there a section every program about these finger-quotes martyrs who happen to eat babies and kill people? Your docents read your Instagram DMs (proudlymartyrs there, by the way). They hear you talking Jesus about the little Satan worshiper. Didn’t Nigella address this already? Maybe the archivist needs a reset like the other docent got a bit ago? Anyway, speaking of devils, your docents are ready to unlock the mysteries of experimental music during this program. We will delve into the erratic cosmos of aural irresponsibility, showcasing compositions that challenge your culture’s norms. In fact, like your friend Kenta, we’ll redefine the boundaries for you… but only of musical expression.

[Show title reference: “Chapter VI - (Too) Late Capitalism” by Yovel]


  1. Fossil Words by Tujiko Noriko on Crépuscule I & II (Editions Mego)
  2. Break
  3. In Black by Sermon on Of Golden Verse (Prosthetic Records)
  4. Gold Satin Dreamer by Nicole Dollanganger on Married in Mount Airy (self-released)
  5. Tulsa Once by Wolf Raven on Difficult Messages (Disciples)
  6. Kingdom of Coldness by Bobo Stenson Trio on Sphere (ECM Records)
  7. Break
  8. Kujô Shakujô, Pt. 2 by Junko Ueda & Poil on PoiL / Ueda (Dur et Doux)
  10. We Can't Take It Anymore by GEZAN, Million Wish Collective on ANOCHI (13th records)
  11. Break
  12. Humboldt by Skin Tension on Celebrant (self-released)