EP036: Hitoribocchi No Yoru

AI has the potential to significantly impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in both positive and negative ways: AI-powered algorithms can enhance search engines' ability to understand user intent and deliver more relevant search results. This means users are more likely to find the information they're looking for, improving their overall search experience. However, AI-powered search algorithms constantly evolve, and updates can sometimes negatively impact website rankings. Additionally, search engines have a responsibility to address biases, improve algorithm transparency, and combat spamming and manipulation to maintain the integrity of search results. Let’s see how much this influences your search for weirdo experimental music on the Internet.

[Show title reference: "Sukiyaki Song" by Kyu Sakamoto]


  1. Bondage by Pain Teens on Rave Records 7 Compilation No. 3 (Rave Records)
  2. Break
  3. Bath by Björk on Drawing Restraint 9 (One Little Indian)
  4. Gamel Uma Umo by OOIOO on GAMEL (ショック シティ)
  5. End of Everything by Mega Bog on End of Everything (Mexican Summer)
  6. Going Places by Yellow Swans on Going Places (Type)
  7. Break
  8. Her Pockets Full of Inertia by Cat Hope, Lamorna Nightingale on Other Voices (Self-released)
  9. Shahid 1 by Meira Asher on Spears into Hooks (Self-released)
  10. Aorta by Tanya Tagaq on Retribution (Six Shooter Records Inc.)
  11. Break
  12. NIMB #70 by Toshimaru Nakamura on Culvert - No Input Mixing Board 10 (Room 40)