029: 808


  1. Tell Me by Donsurf on ROADKILL Presents: 004 (ROADKILL UK)
  2. Outside Out by Kahter on Polaris (Basilica)
  3. Feel You by FJAAK, Tobi Neumann, Justice Mirabel on Feel You (SPANDAU20)
  4. A Walk in the Park by Hadamard on Love Songs (Studio Z)
  5. Professor X - Saga by Professor X on StatiX (Clone)
  6. The Sadist (Cestrian Remix) by DJ Stingray 313 on Stingray Enters the Unknown (Unknown to the Unknown)
  7. Know Someone by Kiimi on Know Someone (Kiimi)
  8. LOST by heartaake (heartaake)
  9. There is A by Mall Grab on Don't Keep the Fire Burning (Mall Grab)
  10. Ride VIP by Special Request on Soul Music (Houndstooth)
  11. The Compass by Dave Clarke (Skint Records Limited)
  12. Throw Your Hands by Ignition Technician (Iturnem Music)
  13. The Bells by Jeff Mills on SIGHT SOUND AND SPACE (Axis Records)
  14. Chroma by Stef Mendesidis on Memorex EP (Clergy LTD)
  15. Flow by EFESIAN (EFESIAN)
  16. Gold (with BIJI) by Conducta on In Transit (Kiwi Rekords & Supernature)
  17. Ich bin ready (DJ Gigola Version) by DJ Gigola, X-COAST (Live From Earth Klub)
  18. I Love My 808 (Original) by Tobias Von Hofsten on I Love My 808 (input - output inc.)
  19. R U Married by D.I.E., The Men You'll Never See on The Unseen (Clone Records)
  20. Lost Shovel by 214 on Rex and Shuffle (klakson)
  21. Sudan Sedan by D.Dan on Covert Operation (Lobster Theremin)
  22. Cut The Midrange by Watchman on Cut The Midrange (Plastic City History)
  23. The Rhythm My Love by Dajusch on Dance Trax, Vol. 55 (Dance Trax)
  24. Let Me (Rave Mix) by Asquith on Let Me (Lobster Theremin)
  25. LOVE 4 LIFE by Narciss on LOVE 4 LIFE (Method 808)
  26. Ocean Drive (Tiga's white linen vox) by FPU on Crockett's Theme / Ocean Drive (Turbo Recordings)
  27. Kill My Radio Station by Underground Resistance on Electronic Warfare 2.0 (Submerge Recordings)
  28. Swag My Glitch Up (DeFeKT Remix) by Hardfloor on Swag My Glitch Up (Remixes) (Upright Songs GmbH)
  29. Fuck U by Stacy Kidd on Fuck U (Armada Music B.V.)
  30. What You Do with What You Have by Blawan on What You Do with What You Have (R&S Records)
  31. It's a Love Thing (Piano Invasion) by Head High on Home. House. Hardcore. (Power House)
  32. Windowlicker by Aphex Twin on Windowlicker (Warp Records)
  33. Rave on U by Against All Logic on 2012 - 2017 (Other People)
  34. Aurora (Original Mix) by Fred Falke, BURNS on Part IV (Work It Baby)