Casually Crying - Episode 225 - Sarah Coolidge, Love Spells, Juicebumps, Wild Nothing 10th Birthday Gala !!!
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  1. Hey Lover by The Daughters of Eve on Hey Lover (USA)
  2. Break
  3. Featured Ice Pack by Sarah Coolidge on Call Me When You Get There (Hartlin) New Local Info
  4. Featured Flow by Love Spells (afeelin) New Info
  5. Crush by Unflirt (UNFLIRT)
  6. Friendly Ghost by Moon Racer on Is It Really a Secret? (Orindal)
  7. Patience - Instumental by Aaron Taylor (Edinic) New
  8. Break
  9. Old Skin by Fake Fruit on S/T (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  10. Featured Wiggler by Juicebumps (Rocks in Your Head) New Local
  11. Concrete Coffin by GLAAS on Qualm (Static Shock)
  12. Five Characters in Search of an Exit by Wife on Starla's Theme (Chris) Local
  13. Foxcatcher by Dorsette on Here's Stars In Your Eyes (Aw Dude Okay) Local
  14. Break
  15. The Party by Portraits of Tracy (Self-Released)
  16. Featured Headlights On by Wild Nothing, Hatchie (Captured Tracks) New
  17. Your Spit by IAN SWEET (Polyvinyl) New
  18. Life is a Dream by MUNYA on Voyage to Mars (Luminelle)
  19. Take a Bow by Bathe Alone (Nettwerk)
  20. Break
  21. Ding Dong by Medscool on RAW (Daddy Blast) Local
  22. An Arrow In The Wall by Death Cab For Cutie (Atlantic) New
  23. Creature Feature by Bon Iver on For Emma, Forever Ago (Jajaguwar)
  24. Team by Bon Iver on For Emma, Forever Ago (Jajaguwar)