1. Prayer For Kim Cassidy by shinetiac on Not All Who Wander Are Lost (West Mineral Ltd.) New
  2. Featured Spindle by Jake Muir on Muscut XXX, Test Pressing IV (Muscut) New
  3. Featured Vessels IV-IX (Rachel) by J. Carter on Vessels (A Sunken Mall) New
  4. c by bassæ on Untitled (Few Crackles)
  5. Cowboy Acid (Solstikk Dub) by Trym Søvdsnes on Trym Søvdsnes (Smalltown Supersound) New
  6. Promises In The Dark by Barker & Baumecker on Strung EP (Freundinnen) New
  7. Featured The Sweat Of Earth by Siavash Amini on The Sweat Of Earth (Room40) New