Berlin part 2


  1. Love Is A Jungle by Peter Ivers on Nirvana Peter (Warner)
  2. Where Do You Go? by Bonny Doon on Longwave (Woodist)
  3. Low Light by The Soundcarriers on Entropicalia (Phosphonic)
  4. Break
  5. Loving You by Wet Leg on Wet Leg (Domino Recording)
  6. Speeding 72 by Momma on Household Name (Polyvinyl)
  7. Don't Worry About the Fuck I'm Doing by Negative Gemini on Body Work (100% Electronica)
  8. Lucid Memories by NiteWind on Midi Drift (SlowwConnection)
  9. Ephemeral Artery by Neon Indian on Psychic Chasm (Static Tongues)
  10. Perfect (Exceeder) by Mason, Princess Superstar on Perfect (Exceeder) (Armada)
  11. Rubber Lover by Deee-lite on Infinity Within (Elektra)
  12. Break
  13. Marshall by Vasco Inspirian on Black Sand (Central Grove)
  14. Obstacle by Riohv on Places I've Been (xx)
  15. Break
  16. Hacking the Planet by Bliss Inc on Hacking the Planet (Radiant Love)