Bottom of the Hill


  1. Robert Frost by Mal Blum on You Look A Lot Like Me (Don Giovanni Records)
  2. Mr. Fuck You by VIAL on Loudmouth (Get Better)
  3. How To Be Alone by John-Allison Weiss on Say What You Mean (Lower Key)
  4. Love Capacity by Connor Kelly & The Time Warp on Distant Forest (Sheree Tomorrow)
  5. I'm Different by Todd Duda on I'm Different (3205916 Records DK)
  6. California by Asha Wells on Water Words (Royal Oakie Records)
  7. Arkansas by Happy Landing on Up All Night (Happy Landing)
  8. Habit by Spectre Jones on Habit (Self Released)
  9. Cowboy by Grace Harriet on Cowboy (Farm Whitney Studios)
  10. To You by J.Lately, West Coast Trey, callmestevieray on To You (The Unusual Suspects)
  11. The Odyssey by Rocky G, NugLife on Filipinos In Space (High Def)
  12. Lee's Sax Workers by Brycon on Music For Indoor Cats (Zero Data)
  13. Take 'em or Leave 'em by Amy LeVere on This World is Not My Home (Archer Records)
  14. Oh The Night (Night Owl Calls) by Will Sexton on Don't Walk the Darkness (Big Legal Mess)
  15. Snowbird by Ellaharp on Who Asked You Back (EH)
  16. Do You Wanna Dance (With One Of Us) by Top Secret Robot Alliance on God's Gift III Dance (Top Secret Robot Alliance)
  17. Winter Fruit by Kelly McFarling on Bed of a River (self released)
  18. Remember Wilmar by Bob Thayer on Summer Leaves (Bob Thayer)
  19. Lifesucker by Lofi Legs on Lamb (Paris Cox-farr)
  20. Shitty Things by High Horse on High Horse (Mike Upsahl)
  21. Disappearance by Bear Call on Systemizer (self released)
  22. Beverly (feat. Kosie) by Decant on Beverly (Decant)
  23. Till You Make It by nowandformerly on Everyday Is A Lifetime (nowandformerly)
  24. Feel Bad Fest by Malick Koly, Ron Carter on Feel Bad Fest (Coast To Coast)
  25. True Love by Sumni Koa, Gil sm on Find Yours (1815344 Records DK)
  26. Pressed (feat. Zeroh & Pink Siifu) by Demahjiae on And, Such Is Life. (do more.)
  27. Grizzly Bear by All Girl Summer Fun Band on A House Full of Friends (Magic Marker)
  28. I Don't Want to Call You Baby... Baby by Kids On A Crime Spree on We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
  29. Beachtown by Mo Lowda & the Humble on Mo Lowda & the Humble (Workaround)
  30. Things Will Never Change by Trash Panda on PANDAMONIUM! (Perpetual Eschaton)
  31. I Can't Handle The Change by ROAR on I Can't Handle Change (Felt Forest Records)
  32. Cool Kids by Harmless on I'm Sure (Nettwert Music Group)