August 21st, 2023


  1. Lonely Street by Rose Maddox on A Big Bouquet of Roses (Capitol Records)
  2. Mirage by Molly Lewis on Mirage (Jagjaguwar)
  3. Nocturne in C# Minor by Clara Rockmore on The Art of the Theremin (Romeo Records)
  4. The First Elegy by Rainer Maria Rilke on Duino Elegies (Penguin Books)
  5. Hi-Lili, Hi Lo by Shelley Fabares on Shelley! (Rhino Entertainment)
  6. Yes, I’m Lonesome Tonight by Dodir Stevens on Dodie Stevens Presenting Pink Shoelaces (Universal Digital Enterprises)
  7. Amphitheater of Roses by Nathan Swedlow on Amphitheater of Roses (Unreleased) New Local
  8. A 480 by Kara-lis Coverdale on A 480 (Constellation Tatsu)
  9. It’s Too Late by Roy Orbison on Sun Rockabilly Meltdown (Charly)
  10. I’m Leaving It All Up to You by Paul & Paula on I’m Leaving It All Up To You (Legacy International)
  11. Kiss Away by Barbara Fairchild on Someone Special (Columbia Records)
  12. ME by Felicia Atkinson, Jefre Cantù Ledesma on Comme Un Soul Narcisse (Shelter Tapes)
  13. Step’s Disappearing Coin by Stephen Steinbrink on Disappearing Coin (Western Vinyl)
  14. Heart Full of Shame by Helen Carter on Nashville Country Gals, Vol. 3 (Sony Atv)
  15. Blaine Todd by A Sea of Grass on A Sea of Grass (Unreleased)
  16. Love is the Tune by Mary Lattimore on Love is the Tune (Dead Oceans)
  17. Etude aux Objets by Pierre Schaeffer on 1st Panorama du musique concrete (Trunk Records)