New Vibes w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 50 09/02/23

Two years sober \m/

Wear headphones


  1. Chameleon by Herbie Hancock on Head Hunters (Columbia)
  2. Euphoria by Islet on Soft Fascination (Fire Records) New
  3. Zantetsuken (Theme from Goemon Ishikawa) by You & The Explosion Band (Nippon Columbia Co)
  4. Your First Armadillo by claire rousay (Saddle Creek) New
  5. Critterpillar by Cosmic Neighbourhood on Gatherings (Rivertones) New
  6. Standing My Ground by NEIL FRANCES (Neil Frances) New
  7. People of the Sun (Instrumental) by Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Jean Carn on Instrumentals Jid019 (Jazz Is Dead) New
  8. Chase The Devil by Max Romeo & The Upsetters on War Ina Babylon (Island Records)
  9. Unemployment Office by Goat (Rocket Recordings) New
  10. Break
  11. Audhumla Thaw by Dustin Wong on Perpetual Morphosis (Hausu Mountain) New
  12. Magnolia II (feat. Theo Croker & Corey Fonville) by Kamaal Williams (Black Focus Records) New
  13. You Feel Me by Godblesscomputers on Faded Views (823 Records) New
  14. Mountains, Trees and Seas by Matthew Halsall on An Ever Changing View (Gondwana Records) New
  15. New Potential by Robert Glasper & Derrick Hodge on Run The World: Season 2 (Lions Gate Entertainment) New
  16. My Funny Valentine (feat. Billy Higgins) [Piano lead] by Ron Carter, Art Farmer & Cedar Walton on More From Sweet Basil (feat. Billy Higgins) (Arkadia Records)
  17. Natural Wonder Beauty Concept by Natural Wonder Beauty Concept on Natural Wonder Beauty Concept (Mexican Summer) New
  18. Millions of Dead Cops (feat. Rollins Band) by Strangers with Guns (Strangers With Guns) New
  19. Unknown Summer by Burial (fabric Records) New
  20. Off My Mind by Refreshers on Bugged EP (Refreshers) New