Episode 102


  1. Stars are Blind by Paris Hilton on Paris (Warner Bros.)
  2. Paradizzy by Masayoshi Takanaka on X (X)
  3. La Isla Bonita by Madonna on True Blue (X)
  4. A Ra by Joao Donato on The Bossa Nova Wave (X)
  5. The Map by Lola Coca on The Map (X)
  6. Summerboy by Lady Gaga on The Fame Monster (X)
  7. Ba-Kuba by Manu Dibango on African Voodoo (PSI)
  8. Walk On the Wild Side by Lou Reed on Transformer (X)
  9. Olha Eu Aqui Oh! Oh! Oh! by Elvinha on Eva (X)
  10. NEPTUNE by Masayoshi Takanaka on X (X)
  11. Love Has Come Around by Donald Byrd on Love Byrd (X)
  12. Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side by Firefly on Star Funk, Vol. 4 (Unidisc Music, Inc.)
  13. Found Your Love by Bosq, Kuyen on Celestial Strut (X)
  14. Corsica '80 by Kraak & Smaak on Scirocco (X)
  15. Just Can't Stay Away by Don Blackman on Just Can't Stay Away (X)
  16. Santa Cantarina by Lazywax on Vol. 1 (X)
  17. Into The Groove by Madonna on You Can Dance (X)
  18. Lowdown by Boz Scaggs on Silk Degrees (Other)
  19. Love Affair by Scheeba on Queen of Scheeba (X)
  20. Gorof (Elixir) by Dur-Dur Band on Sweet as Broken Dates (X)