"started my teenage years with poison in my mouth"


  1. Once by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  2. Widescreen by Heather Nova on Siren (Work Group)
  3. Even Flow by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  4. Feed the Tree by Belly on Baby Silvertooth (WMG)
  5. Alive by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  6. Runaway by Lush on Lovelife (4AD)
  7. All Hail Me by Veruca Salt on American Thighs (Minty Fresh)
  8. Why Go by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  9. Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By A Go-Go) by Poe on Hello (Modern)
  10. Stutter by Elastica on Elastica (Geffen)
  11. Under Your Skin by Luscious Jackson on Fever In Fever Out (Grand Royal)
  12. Black by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  13. Summer of Drugs (Live) by Victoria Williams & the Loose Band on This Moment in Toronto (Mammoth)
  14. World of Our Own Making by Merrie Amsterburg on Season of Rain (Q Division)
  15. When I Was Now by Ida on I Know About You (Simple Machines)
  16. Moth-Like by Mistle Thrush on Super Refraction (Egg)
  17. Jeremy by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  18. Vow by Garbage on Garbage (Almo Sounds)
  19. Broken Nose by Catherine Wheel on Adam & Eve (Mercury)
  20. Oceans by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  21. Nowhere Near by Yo La Tengo on Painful (Matador)
  22. Porch by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  23. Milk It by Nirvana on In Utero (DGC)
  24. Plump by Hole on Live Through This (Geffen)
  25. Garden by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  26. Say Hello 2 Heaven by Temple of the Dog on Temple of the Dog (A&M)