transfiguration #300 (holiday in ruins)


  1. Air* by Disconscious on Hologram Plaza + 3 (Mental Groove Records / Musique Pour La Danse)
  2. One More Night by White Poppy on Sound Of Blue (not not fun)
  3. Astral Body by Hugh B on Live From The Gonsch (not not fun)
  4. Glimpses of Concentric Realities by C'thru on The Otherworld (Pacific Rhythm)
  5. Vapor King / SubReal by George Clanton on Ooh Rap I Ya (100% Electronica)
  6. Luminate by AK-One on Y-Ou - Single (Common Ancestors)
  7. A New Kind of Love (noceur Remix) by Frou Frou on A New Kind of Love (Noceur Remix) - Single (Megaphonic Records)
  8. Mad World by nthng on There Is a Place For Me (Transatlantic)
  9. Gem by Anthony Naples on Orbs (ANS Recordings)
  10. Feel Light by Frankie Rose on Love as Projection (Slumberland Records)
  11. Menta Y Menta by Yu Su on I Want an Earth (Pinchy & Friends)
  12. Late Summer by Kumachan Seal on Kumachan Seal (EM Records)
  13. Water Flash by Yetsuby on Water Flash (Third Place Records)
  14. KITA VS MEREKA (Salamanda Remix) by Melati ESP on KITA VS MEREKA (Salamanda Remix) - Single (Carpark Records)
  15. Canvasing by Fake Fever on Inside The Well (self released)
  16. Song For Julia by Sonny Ism on Song For Julia - Single (Northern Underground Records)
  17. SPESIMEN SEMPURNA by Melati ESP on hipernatural (Carpark Records)
  18. Prayer For Kim Cassidy by shinetiac on Not All Who Wander Are Lost (West Mineral Ltd.)
  19. Hear / Here by Seb Wildblood & Laraaji on Separation Anxiety (All My Thoughts)
  20. Yearning by Maara on The Ancient Truth (Step Ball Chain)
  21. Quaaludes by Olefonken & ARY on Quaaludes - Single (Snorkel Records)
  22. 3rd And 28 by Sean La'Brooy on There's Always Next Year (Analogue Attic)
  23. Ex-Plane by SidiRum on Iris (Earthly Measures)
  24. Summertime by Vapora on Vibes, Vol. 1 (Vaporsoft Records)
  25. Shiny Tune by Patrick Holland on Ending With 10 (Verdicchio Music Publishing)
  26. Trauma Bonding by Ben Bondy on Indexoxoxl (INDEX:Records)
  27. Core Group by Coral D on Core Group - Single (Tears)
  28. tone beast ft. CZ Wang by RAMZi on Feu Follets (self released)