Bean's World #24


  1. Transcendental March (Creation Song) by Brother Ah on Move Ever Onward (Manufactured Recordings)
  2. Mouth of Oceania by Virtual Shadow Ensemble, Aije on Keep Your Distance! (Noa Records)
  3. Tau'a'alo (Holing, Vava'u) by Nonesuch Explorer Series on Explorer Series: South Pacific - Island Music (Rhino Music)
  4. TĀUA by on TAUA (Meeting House Records)
  5. Force Field by Kotiro on High-Def Multinational (Kotiro)
  6. Blue Nile by Alice Coltrane on Ptah, The El Daoud (ABC Records)
  7. We Travel the Spaceways by Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra on To Those of Earth...and Other Worlds (Strut)
  8. ODE TO MARY (feat. Orion Sun & Jason Moran) by Moor Mother on Jazz Codes (Moor Mother, Anti)
  9. Alien Sex by PollyHill, Samara Alofa on Alien Sex (PollyHill)
  10. Met at the River by Mara TK, Xenia Manasseh on Bad Meditation (Extra Soul Perception)
  11. I Ngooku Moemoeaa by Te Kaahu, Delaney Davidson on I Ngooku Moemoeaa (Theia Music Ltd)
  12. Pua Maliu by Leao on Ghost Roads (Noa Records)
  13. Tonga: Octopus Fishing (Lofanga Island) by Nonesuch Explorer Series: South Pacific on Explore Series: South Pacific- Island Music (Rhino Entertainment)
  14. Theme de Yoyo by Art Ensemble of Chicago on Les Stances a Sophie (Nessa Records)
  15. The Homeless Wanderer by Emahhoy Tsege Maria Gebru on Spielt Eigen Kompositionen (Mississippi Records)