the lure of the rockpools.

revisiting some odes to the great sea of love and poetry.


  1. Big Sur by Mort Garson on The Wozard of Iz - An Electronic Odyssey (A&M)
  2. The Lure of the Rockpools by Marine Girls (Cherry Red)
  3. Chant de la Mer by Veronique Chalot on J'ai Vu Le Loup (Materiali Sonori)
  4. Water by Hiroyuki Minowa on The Musical Band Of Bremen (Self-released)
  5. Fishing Song by Hedgehog Pie on Hedgehog Pie (Rubber)
  6. Lough Erne Shore by Andy Irvine and Paul Brady on Andy Irvine/Paul Brady (Mulligan)
  7. Part 2 (Aria - Minuetto) by Franco Nanni on Motu Propri (Self-released)
  8. Fine Cargo Lacquer by Triple Negative on God Bless The Death Drive (Penultimate Press)
  9. Wind Surf Ballad by Dominique Guiot on L’Univers De La Mer (Chicago 2000)
  10. Meeresbett Meditation (Sea Bed Meditation) by Jürgen Müller on Science Of The Sea (Digitalis)
  11. Haunted Diamond by Koehler on Winged (DISK)
  12. The Third Wave: Love In The Waves by Suzanne Ciani on Seven Waves (Finnadar)
  13. The Quiet At Night by Mary Lattimore on At the Dam (Ghostly International)
  14. Australian Seascape by Nadi Qamar on The Nuru Taa African Musical Idiom: Played on the Mama-Likembi (Folkways)
  15. scotland, i wish you had stayed by flatsound on scotland, i wish you had stayed (Self-released)
  16. Seabird by Innovations (Mag)