9/27/2023 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Dreams by J. Warner on Single (Soulection Records) New
  2. In My Eyes by Amelia Rose on Single (Self Reease) New
  3. Purpose by JJAD on Parking Lot Conversations (Self Release) New
  4. Glory by YUNA on Single (YRR/Independent)
  5. Rain feat. Robbie Rosen by The Past on Single (Earthsea)
  6. Happy Go Lover by Bronze Whale, Primo The Alien on Single (Magic Magic)
  7. On Your Time by Quincy on Single (Frequincy Inc) New
  8. Confidential by Nieman on Single (BonView Sound) New
  9. Stay Awhile feat. Nija by Diddy on The Love Album: Off The Grid (Love Records) New
  10. SHOW OFF. by Rya on Single (NML)
  11. Encore by Lolo Zouaï on Single (Self Release) Local
  12. No Hesi (tation) by 11:11 on R&B Therapy (Raydar)
  13. Pick up I'm Alone by Luna Elle on Single (Hot Freestyle Records)
  14. Sure Thing by TONY B. on Single (Self Release)
  15. Thought U Knew by Leela James on Single (BMG) New
  16. Call My Name by JRDN on Single (Soul Gala)
  17. Hate To Love by Jordyn Simone on Single (Self Release)
  18. If Only by D'Gord on Single (Starcyde Entertainment)
  19. That Far by Amelia Rose on Single (Well Overdue Records)
  20. Outta Love by Brian McKnight Jr. on Single (Country Bridges (BMI)) New
  21. Questions (feat. KAYTRANADA) by Maeta on When I Hear Your Name (Roc Nation Records LLC)
  22. Down 4 Me by Jesse Gold on Single (Self Release)
  23. People, Pt. 2 feat. IU by Agust D (Suga of BTS) on Single (BigHit Music)
  24. Let Down by TENN on No Chaser (Night Rider Records)
  25. After The End feat. Yuna by Clear Eyes on Single (dreaming of flying) New
  26. Switch by Her Silhouette on Single (Self Release)
  27. Looking For Love by Journey Montana on Single (10K Projects)
  28. You're Safe feat. Chris Scalco by JermaYn on Single (JRT Music)
  29. Forces by Lendryx on Single (Self Release) New
  30. The View by Leena, Kaman on Single (Stereofox) New
  31. Stop For A Minute by Ethan France on Single (EthanFMusic) New
  32. Smooth 'n Chill by Yaahn Hunter Jr. on Single (yhuntermusic productions) New Local
  33. Rainy Days by V of BTS on Layover (BigHit Music)
  34. Do4Me by Grace Weber on Single (Self Release)
  35. Still Be Friends by Johnny Burgos on Single (Self Release)
  36. Soulful Hue by R. L. Walker on Colorized (Self Release) New
  37. Fade Away by M' Lynn on Single (M'Lynn Music LLC)
  38. Lil Lonely by Devin Morrison on Single (Self Release)
  39. Let It Go by Kelela on Raven (Warp Records)
  40. Outgrown by HOUIS on Outgrown (Lekker Collective)
  41. Jazz Cafe (GCL Theme/Outro) by D.Brax on 330 (Self Release) Local