Episode 33 - Everything Is New

Morning y'all,

We're talking, thinking, and feeling rebirth this morning. The miraculous and the messy.

Love always,



  1. Everything Is New by Briana Marela on All Around Us (Jagjaguwar) Local
  2. Featured Venus Retrograde by Margaret O'Connell on Angel's Share (Margaret O'Connell)
  3. Featured New Daylight by Aux Meadows on Aux Meadows (Aux Meadows) Local
  4. Guilt by Mountain Man on Magic Ship (Nonesuch Records)
  5. The Crying Room by Television Personalities on And Don't the Kids Just Love It (Fire Records)
  6. Group Tea by Matthewdavid, Flying Lotus on Outmind (Brainfeeder)
  7. Featured Guess I'm Always Leaving by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take a Turn Records) New Local
  8. Primordial Water Formations 2 by Ras G on Stargate Music (Leaving Records)
  9. Church St. Blues by Norman Blake on Whiskey Before Breakfast (Rounder Records)
  10. Featured Minefield by Wedding on Dream Car (Wedding)
  11. Colors by Runnner, Sun June on Colors (Run For Cover) New
  12. Other Women by Ginny Reilly on Doodleedoin' (Reilly Records)
  13. Shining Time by Blithe Field on Beautiful Wave '74 (Blithe Field)
  14. It's Gone by Patti Whipp on Walkin' b/w It's Gone (Numero Group)
  15. Strawberry Moon by Helena Deland on Strawberry Moon (Chivi Chivi)
  16. I Second That Emotion by Ginny Reilly on Oh, Reilly! (Freckle Records)
  17. I Dream A Highway by Gillian Welch on Time (The Revelator) (Acony Records)