Maniac Mansion Friday the 13th Special


  1. Italian Horror Film by Digital Leather on Headache Heaven (No Coast)
  2. Sacrosanct by Poison Ruin on Poison Rain (Relapse)
  3. Down in the Woods by Sneaks on Sneaks (Sister Polygon)
  4. Tonight by The Size on Tonight (New Rockers)
  5. Nightmare by Sleeping Bag on Women of Your Life (Joyful Noise)
  6. The Descent by Helios Creed on X-Rated Fairy Tales (Subterranean)
  7. Clap Hands by Tom Waits on Raindogs (Island)
  8. Punish or Be Damned by Screamers on In a Better World (Extravertigo)
  9. You Fell In by Angry Angles on Angry Angles (Goner)
  10. Scout for the Devil by The Entrails on The Entrails (Broken Parrot)
  11. Midnight Wine by Shannon and the Clams on Year of the Spider (Easy Eye)
  12. Lipstick by Ariel Pink on pom pom (4AD)
  13. Constant Problems by Freedom Curse on Night and Day (self-released)
  14. Strange by Wire on Pink Flag (Harvest)
  15. Creature by Tijuana Panthers on Max Basket (self-released)