09: Antarctic Pearlwort

Antarctic Pearlwort - ice is melting, flowers are growing. beware of invasive species as the temperatures rise.


  1. You Keep Me Hanging On by Colourbox on Colourbox (4AD)
  2. Walking on Thin Ice by Yoko Ono on Walking On Thin Ice (Geffen)
  3. Language Is a Virus by Laurie Anderson on Home of the Brave (Warner Brothers)
  4. Underwater Original Version 1979 by Harry Thumann on Underwater from the Album: (American Express) (Baby Records International)
  5. One Wish by Hiroshima on Another Place (Sony Music)
  6. Shadowww by Louke Man on Sd-1 (Louke Man)
  7. Falling Apart by Slow Pulp on Moveys (Winspear)
  8. Babyyy by Grace Ives on Really Hot (Grace Ives Music)
  9. HEAD by Devon Again on HEAD (Devon Again)
  10. I Got Heaven by Mannequin Pussy on Single (Epitaph)
  11. Petals (album version) by Hole on Celebrity Skin (Geffen Records)
  12. Kisses by Slowdive on Everything Is Alive (Dead Oceans)
  13. What Once Was by Hers on Song of Her's (Heist or Hit)
  14. Cognitive Dissonance by Sophie Holohan on Cognitive Dissonance (Selene)
  15. You Weren't There Anymore by Neggy Gemmy on Bad Baby (Negative Gemini)