Black Girl Joy Episode 139

Featuring Amie Blu, BEBELUNA and more!


  1. Goosebumps by Baby Storme on Forever Halloween (Self-Released)
  2. oh no by Amie Blu on crumbs in my bed (Ciao For Now)
  3. Aliya by BEBELUNA on Bolo Boy (Sweat Entertainment)
  4. The Hills by Rachel Chinouriri (Parlophone)
  5. Save it for Another - Skinny Pelembe Remix by Hejira on Thread Of Gold: The Remixes (Lima Limo)
  6. What Now by Brittany Howard (Island)
  7. Papertowns by Triniti Shyell (1813049 Records DK)
  8. B.I.W.F. by Taloula (Morning Dew Music)
  9. Trip To Mars - Freestyle by Hailie Haze (Slique)
  10. Summertime by Shea Diamond on Memory Lane (Facet)
  11. Precious Joy by Natanya on Sorrow At Sunrise (AURA x MOVES Recordings)
  12. Sunny Days by Kennedy Ryon (Kennedy Ryon, LLC)
  13. DOMe by (Tight Music)
  14. LET GO! by Demi Yo'ko (GLAM69)
  15. Forever (I'm Just Sayin!) by Baby Storme on Forever Halloween (Self-Released)
  16. MiDNiGHT by SiNNY! (NiGATRZ)
  17. WOMAN by Venus Voltage (Self-Released)
  18. Long Gone by Upchuck on Bite The Hand That Feeds (Famous Class)
  19. PANDORA'z SPIT by TaliaBle (WONDER)
  20. Deep by Nídia on 95 MINDJERES (Príncipe)
  21. amnesia by chuala on epoxyi (Self-Released)
  22. Speechless by Loraine James, George Riley on Gentle Confrontation (Hyperdub Ltd)
  23. Green Spin - Freestyle by TWEAKS on Move San, Lèt Gate (Seet Deh)
  24. Deception by NADIAH (NNN Recordings)
  25. wait, no lets just go back by kaishino! on FRESH START (Killervise)
  26. the train to nowhere by hemlocke springs on going...going...GONE! (Good Luck Have Fun)
  27. Genuis by Nneka (Self-Released)
  28. Shoreline by Omega Mighty on Notorious & Noble (The Mighty Group Inc.)
  29. Abide In U by Sola on Warped Soul (Future Bounce Ltd)
  30. Missin' Out by Benét on Can I go again? (Bayonet)
  31. Cry by BATHSHEBA (Universal)
  32. Hard To Be by Arlissa on The OPEN-HEARTED (earthangelrecords)
  33. enknee1 by hemlocke springs on going...going..GONE! (Good Luck Have Fun)