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  1. Cowgirl by Terror Jr, Tony Rodini on single (Grape)
  2. Nos soltamos chiliado by Divino Nino, Inner Wave on single (winspear)
  3. fall leaves by High Sunn on heavenly petticoat (Spirit Goth)
  4. Girl by Men I Trust on single (Independent)
  5. Bell Boy by The Moondrops on Single (Honeydew Records)
  6. Best of Me by The Brummies on Single (Self-released)
  7. Hold My Hand by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh)
  8. peppermint by zzzahara on Tender (lex)
  9. Glacier Meadow by Cavetown, Field Medic on single (Sire)
  10. Common Ground by Another Michael on Wishes to Fulfill (Run For Cover)
  11. Medium Horny by French Cassettes on Medium Horny (Tender Loving Empire)
  12. Better Days by Lo Haze on Liminal (California Sunrise)
  13. Paradise~ by Analog Dog on single (Digital Cat Records)
  14. MOVING BACKWARDS by Shelter Boy on single (Scruff of the Neck)
  15. Bad at Letting Go (Feat Muna) by Leland, Muna on single (Good Pop)
  16. Caldera by Huron John on single (Acrophase)
  17. Puppet by Cardboard People on Cardboard People (War Chant Records)
  18. Nobody Gets Me - Live From BBC Maida Vale by The Aces on single (Red Bull)
  19. Superficial Conversation by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark)
  20. Hedge Your Bets by Rafa Rodriguez, NUFFER on single (Sprawlin')
  21. Copy Cat by Mediocre Cafe on single (Youth Riot)
  22. Agora Hills by Doja Cat on Scarlet (RCA Records)
  23. Bye by Ricky Lake on single (Text Me)
  24. Bushwick Cowboy by Vansire on single (Self Release)