#1-First! ft. itoi!

Today is just vibes. Some of my favorite rock and indie artists along with some music from the Fugees! Special guest today is itoi! Playing their latest song "Black Leather Jacket". Live on spotify for your listening enjoyment


  1. Goonight Moon by Shivaree on I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump (Odeon)
  2. Queer by Garbage on Garbage (Mushroom Records)
  3. Babylon by David Grey on White Ladder (iht Records, EastWest, Atlantic)
  4. World Looking In by Morcheeba on Fragments of Freedom (Reprise, EastWest)
  5. Sort of Mine by Heavenly on The Decline and Fall of Heavenly (K Records, Wiiija Records)
  6. Pristine Christine by Sea Urchin's on Pristine Christine (Creation Records)
  7. Rafiki by A Ma Zone on A Ma Zone (Trikor Records)
  8. Land of A Million Drums by The Urban Underground Society on The Show (Noo Trybe Records)
  9. The Score by The Fugees on The Score (Ruffhouse Records, Columbia)
  10. F.N.T by Semisonic on Great Divide (MCA)
  11. Cheers by Faye Webster on I Know Im Funny HaHa (Secretly Canadian)
  12. Space Junk by Wang Chung on Points on the Curve (Geffen Records)
  13. Black Leather Jacket by i to i on Black Leather Jacket (Self-Released)