TSST0002: [Gene Key 46] From Seriousness to Ecstasy

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*Blue By Joni Mitchell is not on the playlist because Spotify doesn't carry her catalog*

Gene Key 46

Moving from the Shadow of Seriousness

Through the Gift of Delight

Into the Essence of Ecstasy

*The story of the rainmaker that I tell (starting around 5-6 minutes in) is improvised in telling from its original source within the Gene Keys book by Richard Rudd, on page 357.

Also, I must stress that use the pronoun "he" but rainmakers can be any gender!!!

Replace "little old man" with "little old woman, individual, human, person, nonbinary being, entity, etc.".

The story is to illustrate the point that when we attune and align to our true purpose within, life unfolds effortlessly.

As a result, we are graced with gifts and rewards, both internally with feelings of delight and ecstasy, and externally with service and contribution.

Ultimately, whether the rainmaker "makes" it rain or not is a matter of perception, interpretation, semantics...we can say it's both.

Both influencing the weather, making it rain, as well as not doing anything at all, an effortless outcome of alignment to true purpose.


  1. Phase Dream by Shant Aumeta on Single (Self Released) New Local
  2. Raingurl by Yaeji on EP2 (XL Recordings)
  3. Break
  4. Curtains by Kara Jackson on Why Does The Earth Give Us To Love? (September Recordings)
  5. Blue by Joni Mitchell on Blue (Reprise Records)
  6. Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanka on Love and Hate (Polydor Records)
  7. Break
  8. Real Life by Sunbeam Sound Machine on Wonderer (Self Released)
  9. Danielle (smile on my face) by Fred Again.. on Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9, 2022) (Atlantic)
  10. Starry Night (Original Mix) by Peggy Gou on Starry Night (Gudu Records)
  11. LIVING EVERY DREAM by Antwon on End of Earth (Nature Records)
  12. Break
  13. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo on Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Sound of Barclay)
  14. Love Tonight by Shouse on Single (Hell Beach)
  15. Good For Me ft. Zoë Johnston by Above & Beyond on Tri-State (Anjunabeats)
  16. REACH THE SUNSHINE by Lil Yachty on Let's Start Here (Quality Control Music)