Ep 287: "The Greater Times"

Episode title "The Greater Times" is a song by Electrelane from their 2007 album No Shouts, No Calls. I dedicate it to everyone pushing for ceasefire in Gaza. There are no silver linings these days but I am grateful for the  unprecedented vocal resistance the world over, and especially brave leadership from Muslim and Jewish communities.

Fight for the living in Gaza by pushing for a ceasefire here: https://ceasefiretoday.com.

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  1. The Greater Times by Electrelane on No Shouts, No Calls (Too Pure)
  2. Elated Prose by Blue Ocean on Fertile State (Slumberland) Local
  3. Planet of Skunks by Warp on Automatic Gratuity (self released) Local
  4. Girl from Ghost Town by Brontez Purnell on No Jack Swing (Dark Entries) Local
  5. I Drew a Line by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark) Local
  6. Control by DTJ on At the After Party (Echo Plasm) Local
  7. Fun in a Field by Moon on Half-Full (self released) Local
  8. i go to the railroad tracks (45 seconds of a 22 minute poem) by Tongo Eisen-Martin on I go to the railroad tracks and follow them to the station of my enemies (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  9. Unloveable Losers by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on Unloveable Losers (self released) Local
  10. Tired Girls by Anna Hillburg on Tired Girls (Speakeasy Studios SF) Local
  11. Neph by Pacific Yew on Nephew Tape (self released) Local
  12. Joshua by Jacob Aranda on War Planes (Speakeasy Studios) Local
  13. Soft Spaces by Preschool on Heart Circle Square (Slang Church) Local
  14. Gogo Boots 9AM by Now on And Blue Space is Burning Noon (Sloth Mate Productions) Local
  15. Late Bloomer by Blues Lawyer on All In Good Time (Dark Entries) Local
  16. Mr. Lay by Violent Change on Starcastle (Sloth Mate) Local
  17. Smudge by Welcome Strawberry on Scared to Look (Cherub Dream) Local
  18. Gentle by Tricky FM on Peace, Love, Unity, Rave (Cherub Dream) Local
  19. In a Photo by Abracadabra on Shapes & Colors (℗ 2023 Melodic) Local
  20. dead end by MUFFLER on time has taken everything I know (self released) Local