1. A Rainbow in Curved Air by Terry Riley on A Rainbow in Curved Air (Sony)
  2. Wireless Fantasy by Vladimir Ussachevsky on Electronic and Acoustic Works 1957-1972 (Anthology of Recorded Music)
  3. Highspeed Drift by Gary War on Horribles Parade (Sacred Bones)
  4. Shining Road by Cranes on Loved (Dedicated)
  5. 16 by Dean Blunt & jonatan leandoer69 on ZUSHI (WORLD)
  6. Haunting Picture by Corpus Delicti on Twilight (Cleopatra)
  7. No, Nothing, Never by Dark Day on Exterminating Angel (Nigh Eve)
  8. Six A.M. by Thomas Leer & Robert Rental on The Bridge (Industrial Records)
  9. Ragnarök Mistiker by Urfaust on Ritual Music For The True Clochard (Ván)
  10. Numb Erone by The Residents on Meet the Residents (Cryptic Corp)
  11. No Tears by Tuxedomoon on Solve Et Coagula (Cramboy)
  12. Paper Hats by This Heat on Deceit (Rough Trade)
  13. Violent World by 45 Grave on Sleep In Safety (Restless Records)
  14. Missiles by The Sound on Jeopardy (Warner)
  15. Lights Go Out by The March Violets on The Botanic Verses (Jungle)
  16. Frontier by Dead Can Dance on Dead Can Dance (4AD)
  17. All The Pretty Little Horsies by Current 93 on All The Pretty Little Horses (s/r)
  18. Theme Number Sixty Eight by Pye Corner Audio on Black Mill Tapes (Lapsus)
  19. November Sequence by Pye Corner Audio with The Advisory Circle on Study Series 07: Autumnal Activities (Ghost Box)
  20. Funkytown by In Aeternam Vale (HBT-DEMENT3D SASU)
  21. Keep Slipping Away by A Place To Bury Strangers on Exploding Head (Mute)