Worst Case Scenario


  1. Worst Case Scenario by Suff Daddy on The gin diaries (Suff Daddy)
  2. Nighthawk by Re:um on Nighthawk (1177111 Records DK)
  3. F* TASTE by Yoshi T. on F* TASTE (WHATMORE)
  4. Whispers by Johnny Yukon on MOVIES! WORLDWIDE: PART 1 (atlantic Records)
  5. GIRRRL by Raymon Marco on 30 for 30 (GRW Records)
  6. Taurus - Mixed by Glass Beams on DJ-Kicks Jayda G (!K7 Records)
  7. Pretty Please by Uncle Maximilin. NNavy on Pretty Please (3186822 Records DK)
  8. Malibu by flowerovlove on Malibu (Joyce Cisse)
  9. FLOOR - ROOM A by Flozigg, Icee red, Uncle Kizzy on Floor pack (mellow Haus, LLC)
  10. One Day by JBC on One Day (HM GRWN Records)
  11. FEEL ALRIGHT by Jeff Darko on Feel Alright (Jeff Darko)
  12. starfruit by Moon Panda on sing spaceship, sing! (Moon Panda)
  13. Waiting For You feat. Naomi Sharon by Majid Jordan on Single (OVO Sound)
  14. WOOF by Kojaque, biig Piig on WOOF (soft boy records, Kobalt music publishing, In one song)
  15. guilt2001 by bricknasty, Tomike, Chi-chi on INA CRUELER (FAMM)
  16. Fever by Sherwyn, Sariah Mae on Fever (Sherwyn)
  17. Fake ID (Coke & Rum Remix) (feat. Kah-Lo & Gee Lee) by Riton on Single (Riton Time LTD)
  18. Being in Love by Wet Leg on Wet Leg (Domino)
  19. FourSixty - Featuring Aaron Taylor by Adi Oasis on Lotus Glow (Unity Records)
  20. Anymore by Yaz on anymore (atlantic)
  21. Imitation Love by Stennes on Eyes Didn't let me open (1794152 records)
  22. Stay for One More Night by Goodvibes Sound on The institute (Goodvibes Recordins)