041: The Last Room


  1. Alien Love Call by Turnstile, BADBADNOTGOOD, Blood Orange on New Heart Designs (Roadrunner Records)
  2. So Beautiful So Lonely by FiFi Zhang on So Beautiful So Lonely (Gum Studio)
  3. oggy by Girl Ultra on oggy (Finesse Records)
  4. ELEVATE (ft. Mack Keane) by Ambré on who's loving you (Roc Nation Records, LLC)
  5. 2 Much Pride (Interlude) by Ojerime on The Interludes (Motel Fang)
  6. 12AM by Immasoul on Natural (Immasoul)
  7. didn't I by Lou Val on Goûter (DRKLY)
  8. DEADMAN BONE (feat. Koffee) by Cruel Santino on Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN (Monster Boy)
  9. luv in a mosh by Odunsi (The Engine) on EVERYTHING YOU HEARD IS TRUE (Kimani Moore Entertainment Ltd.)
  10. Fire by Juniper, Sango on 97 (Wright Music Group)
  11. Ghost Town by Ferdous on Cool Party (Faintly Red)
  12. Soon by Johnny Yukon on Flight Plan 001 (Elektra Records LLC)
  13. SGSY by Oklou (Oklou)
  14. Replay by Planet 1999 on Devotion (PC Music)
  15. S.O.S. by Kelela on Take Me Apart (Warp Records)
  16. Blue Sky by Stwo, Sunni Colón on D.T.S.N.T. EP (HW&W Recordings, LLC)
  17. Pray For Me by Dpat (Heaven Only Knows)
  18. Copy & Paste Interlude by IAMNOBODI on The Interludes (IAMNOBODI)
  19. Horses by Abhi//Dijon on 2014 (Self Released)
  20. Lock by Jess Connelly on ATM (JCON)
  21. 3000 Miles (Baby Baby) by Yeek on Valencia (Yeek, Inc.)
  22. Blue by Elujay on Adojio (Onetime!)
  23. Hipster Girl by Sango, Xavier Omär on Hours Spent Loving You (Sango & Xavier Omär)
  24. What's Hannin by Premo Rice on A Night at the Chateau (LIve Forever Records)
  25. Gas Station Run by Larry June, Cardo on Into The Late Night (The Freeminded Records)
  26. Fashion by Kamaiyah on Before I Wake (Kamaiyah)
  27. Ride With Jade by Kryptonyte, Liv.e on Kryptonyte (Dolfin Records)
  28. Soul Reaver by A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvyy on Lil Black Jean Jacket (A$AP Ant,)
  29. Brand New by KissClub on Off Island (GENEVIèVE)
  30. B2W by Sickboyrari (GothMoneyRecords)
  31. Porsche Truck by ICYTWAT on Siddhi World (Deluxe) (SIDDHI)
  32. Crenshaw X by Maison2500 on Crybully (Cult Poison)
  33. Slip on a Banana Clip by $uicideboy$, Germ on DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE (G59 Records)
  34. Rey Mysterio Remix by Pouya, Bobbie Lootaveli on Pouya & Bobbie Lootaveli: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (POUYA)
  35. AWKWARD CAR DRIVE by Germ, $uicideboy$ on GERM HAS A DEATHWISH (G59 Records)
  36. BRAVO'! by Pink Siifu, Turich Benjy, Jaybee Lamahj, Swaggy Q, VonBeezy, Peso Gordon on GUMBO'! (DELUXE'!!) (Dynamite Hill / Good Partners)
  37. Gumbo'! 4 tha Folks, Hold On (Remix'!!) by Pink Siifu, Big Rube, Liv.e, Nick Hakim, V.C.R., DJ Harrison on GUMBO'! (DELUXE'!!) (Dynamite Hill / Good Partners)
  38. Real hiphop (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, El Cousteau, & Mike) by Niontay on Demon Muppy (10k)
  39. U Think Maybe? (feat. Liv.e and Venna) by MIKE on Burning Desire (10k)
  40. blood meadow by The Crying Nudes on 3 Songs (WORLD MUSIC)
  41. miracle crush by bar italia (WORLD MUSIC)
  42. This Far by ML Buch on Fleshy (In Real Life Music)
  43. Amber by Ydegirl on notes19 (Escho)
  44. Valentina (Cali Highway Version) by HTRK on Death is a Dream (N&J Blueberries)