Ep 289: "Bed of Roses"

Episode title "Bed of Roses" refers to the Screaming Trees song which is covered on the Reds, Pinks & Purples EP You Know You're Burning Someone (bandcamp).The Reds, Pinks & Purplesplay Saturday at the Knockout with Hits and Vulture Feather (Hayfork CA).

I Luv Mondays' annual covers episode is next week-- all covers by local artists--  and I'm two-thirds finished with it. Hit me up if you have something to add.

AROC Bay Area has a full calendar of local Gaza solidarity events this week, plug into a global movement here.

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  1. The Greater Times by Electrelane on No Shouts, No Calls (Too Pure) Local
  2. Burnt by Half Stack on Sitting Pretty (Royal Oakie) Local
  3. Everything Gon be Alright by Dizzy Jenkins ft. Versoul on In Case I Don't Make It (self released)

    Local Sunday at 8am House in Oakland, a benefit for Middle East Children's Alliance & Palestinian Youth Movement: Dimebag Dizzy/ Versoul/ Aima the Dreamer

  4. Bed of Roses by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on You Know You're Burning Someone (Slumberland)

    Local Saturday at the Knockout: The Reds, Pinks & Purples/ Hits/ Vulture Feather (Hayfork CA)

  5. Trotting Lemmings by Hits on Cielo Nublado (Paisley Shirt) Local
  6. Talkin' on the Internet by Spiritual Cramp on Spiritual Cramp (Blue Grape Music)

    Local Wednesday at the Kilowatt: Spiritual Cramp album release/ Fentanyl/ Slugger/ Claimed Choice (Lyon, France)

  7. The Jepordy Room by Wife on Starla's Theme (Chris Records)

    Local Saturday at Neck of the Woods, Outhouse Compilation tape release show: Wife/ Pocket Full of Crumbs/ Mary Claire/ Kan Kan (San Diego)/ What's Yours is Mine/ Snowball Fight/ Xacto/ Buyer/ Kumears

  8. Afternoon by Pocket Full of Crumbs on Pocket Full of Crumbs (Self-released) Local
  9. Chestburster by Mary Claire on I Hope I Never Get What I Need (Mary Claire) Local
  10. backseat driver by Credit Electric on six (Royal Oakie)

    Local Saturday at Martial Arts: Credit Electric album release/ Maya Nell/ Catch Pritchard album release/ Beau Fonzy/ Gonzo

  11. Timeless Trivialities by Maya Nell (self released) Local
  12. And I'm Real Gone by Catch Pritchard on Everything I Love Has Fallen From Me (Anxiety Blanket) Local
  13. Hit The Wall by Seablite on Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn.)

    Local Tuesday at the Knockout: Seablite/ the 1981/ Supercrush (Seattle)

  14. Capture My Condition by The 1981 on Move On (Dandy Boy) Local
  15. Watcher by Maria BC on Spike Field (Sacred Bones)

    Local Sunday at 9 Lives in Oakland, a benefit for the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund: Maria BC/ Figure Eight/ Katsy Pline solo/ Parallel

  16. Drown by figure eight on single (self released) Local
  17. Pining by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take a Turn Records) Local
  18. Precocious by Parallel on Parallel (Cherub Dream) Local
  19. plastic/bending by Dani Offline (self released) Local
  20. walking to the pier by April Magazine on demo (self released)

    Local Friday at Bottom of the Hill: April Magazine/ Stephen Steinbrink/ Briana Marela

  21. Cruiser by Stephen Steinbrink on Disappearing Coin (Western Vinyl) Local