West of Twin Peaks Radio #193 feat Jeff Kolhede

On this episode, Oakland uber-producer/engineer/master collaborator Jeff Kolhede steps out from behind the boards and talks about his solo debut LP "Dismantle," a refreshingly romantic 70's alt-folk vibe LP with contemporary brushes of beautiful sonics.  Plus a full two hours of fresh music from the Bay and beyond.


  1. Mum Says by Betty (EYC Records) New
  2. Little Things by Jorja Smith on Little Things (FAMM) New
  3. Boomerang by Jamila Woods on Water Made Us (Jagjaguwar) New
  4. Glitter by Dina Ogon (Playground Music Scandanavia AB) New
  5. Bad Day by Babe Rainbow on Mushroom EP (Eureka Music) New
  6. On Your Side by The Last Dinner Party (The Last Dinner Party/Universal Music) New
  7. Slut! (Taylor's Version) (From the Vault) by Taylor Swift on 1989 (Taylor's Version) (Deluxe) (Taylor Swift) New
  8. Phone Me by CMAT on Crazymad, For Me (AWAL) New
  9. Just Go With It by 26fix (26fix) New
  10. Dance Now (Fight Night) by Girl and Girl on Fight Night - EP (Sub Pop Records) New
  11. Flexorcist by The Voidz (Cult Records) New
  12. Dream Job by Yard Act on Where's My Utopia? (Island Records/Universal Music) New
  13. Destructive Bantor by The Paranoyds on I Like It Here - EP (The Paranoyds) New
  14. Say Hi by Viji on So Vanilla (Speedy Wunderground/PIAS) New
  15. The Holding On by Skyway May on Flight of the Long Distance Healer (Mama Bird Recording co) New Local
  16. No Man's Land (feat Jonathan Seale) by Good Shepherd Collective on Peace Songs (Good Shepherd Collective) New
  17. Stars in My Cereal by Sunny Side Up! (Sunny Side Up Music) New
  18. Where Do We Go by Jeff Kolhede on Dismantle (Jeff Kolhede) New Local
  19. White Oak by Jeff Kolhede on Dismantle (Jeff Kolhede) New Local
  20. Solid Air by John Martyn on Solid Air (Universal-Island Records) New
  21. Right Down the Line by Gerry rafferty on City to City (Parlophone) New
  22. Every Night by Paul McCartney on McCartney (MPL Communications/Universal Music Enterprises)
  23. Wonder Why by Jeff Kolhede on Dismantle (Jeff Kolhede) New Local
  24. Our Time by Jeff Kolhede on Dismantle (Jeff Kolhede) New Local
  25. Dismantle by Jeff Kolhede on Dismantle (Jeff Kolhede) New Local
  26. I Am the Cowboy by ZOLA (Old Playlists Records) New Local
  27. Crash Your Car by Warren Teagarden and the Good Grief on Winter Tan (Meaningless World Records) New Local
  28. Lost Summer by The Seismics (Oumuamua Records) New Local
  29. Three Cheers! by The Umbrellas on Fairweather Friend (Slumberland) New Local
  30. The Golden Palomino by Ismay (Ismay) New Local
  31. Across the Great Divide by The Real Sarahs & Alex de Grassi on single (Tropo Records) New Local
  32. Minerva & the Honey Bee by Damma Damma on single (Arlonious Monk Music) New Local
  33. Billie by Credit Electric on Six (Royal Oakie Records) New Local
  34. Flaming Purple Crocus by The Last Gray Wolf on single (self released) New Local