Episode 20: Collision Analytics

Collision Analysis provides expertise in accident reconstruction, human factors, injury biomechanics, vehicle fire investigation, and product failure analysis of motor vehicles and their safety systems.


  1. Jed the Humanoid - Piano Version by Grandaddy on The Software Slump.... On a Wooden Piano (Dangerbird Records)
  2. Smells Like Beef by X-ACTO on X-ACTO (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  3. GORILLA MODE by Death Pickle on GORILLA MODE (4242811 Records DK)
  4. nasty am by KAN KAN on car country (Dog Whistle Records)
  5. Systemic by All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There on In Hopes of a New Tomorrow (Driftwood)
  6. Chinese Freeze Tag by I Would Set Myself on Fire For You on I Would Set Myself on Fire For You (Stickfigure)
  7. knots by Widowdusk on I know where we're at, not where we're going (self versed records)
  8. Rock Bottom Has a Basement by onewaymirror on Self-Titled (zegema beach records)
  9. I love you now I love you never by Knumears on split w vs self (knumears)
  10. Black Ponds by Sundays on Free at Loss (1244276 Records DK)
  11. They by Kim on Sir Kim (SLUDGE PEOPLE) Local
  12. A Choice by Cheree on Factory (Cherub Dream) Local
  13. Desolation's Flower by Ragana on Desolation's Flower (Single) (The Flenser) Local
  14. Untitled 3 by Pocket Full of Crumbs on Pocket Full of Crumbs (Pyrina) Local
  15. Five Characters in Search of an Exit by Wife on Starla's Theme (Chris Records) Local
  16. When Was Yesterday by A Country Western on When Was Yesterday (A Country Western)
  17. mother plus by They Are Gutting a Body of Water on Destiny XL (They Are Gutting a Body of Water)
  18. The Brain Is The Weapon by Deli Girls. Gehena on Deli Girls (Deli Girls)
  19. Fight Fire With Fire (Ft Ho99o9) by The Prodigy, Ho99o9 on No Tourists (Monster Cat)
  20. Die By My Hand by Sullivan King, Vastive, Left to Suffer on No Tourists (Monster Cat)
  21. a single after my emotions got me fooled by Florian on single (4968064 Records Dk)
  22. Mithlond by Evanora Unlimited on Lustful Expanse (Self Released)
  23. Machine by X Harlow on Machine (Enamelware)
  24. Zamboni by DIESEL DUDES on New Muscles (DIESEL DUDES) Local
  25. Cornered by Ex-Heir, Tropical City on GENEXCESS (CARTOMANCY) Local
  26. Quit Your Day Job by I Killed Techno! on Big Money Cybergrind (enamel waste)
  27. Clonazolam by Buyer on Buyer Plays Buyer (Chris Records) Local
  28. Dandruff Slope by Gumby's Junk on Single (Gumby's Junk) Local
  29. I Love It Here, I Live Here by Luge on I Love It Here, I Live Here (82632 Records DK)