Casually Crying - Episode 234 - Chastity Belt, Mei Semones, Love Spells, Soft Contact


  1. Wayward by bed. (Breakup)
  2. Featured Hollow by Chastity Belt on Single (Suicide Squeeze) New
  3. Featured Wakare No Kotoba by Mei Semones (Bayonet) New
  4. Featured Obsessed With Your Mind by Love Spells (afeelin) New
  5. 27 by Glitter Party (Stay Level) New
  6. Nothing Lasts by Emily Yacina (Mastor) New
  7. Break
  8. Featured Boyfriend In A Band by Soft Contact on Bury Me In Colma (Hand Touch) New Local
  9. Subliminal by Catapult Stevens on Waiting in Line (Edgar) New Local
  10. Sun Drop by Bald Rapunzel on Daizepam (Dischord)
  11. Short Sleeves by bl4ck m4rket c4rt on Today I Laid Down (I <3 CHIEFING) Local
  12. The Daisy Chain by Moonbeams on Forever (RYAN MOONBEAM) Local
  13. Break
  14. Hellish Banger by Brontez Purnell on Confirmed Bachelor (Upset The Rhythm) New Local
  15. Fallout (Bunker Session) by Yo La Tengo on The Bunker Sessions (Matador) New
  16. oh well by bugsy on Now I Spend All Of My Time Alone (bugsy) New
  17. Jasmine by Arlo Parks (Transgressive) New
  18. No Longer by Frank Ene on No Longer (Empty Cellar) Local
  19. Break
  20. Headlock by Snail Mail on Valentine (Matador)
  21. Headlock (Demo) by Snail Mail on Valentine (Demos) (Matador) New
  22. Delfino (Instrumental) by Surfing on Against The World (Subsubmarine) New