New Vibes w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 59 11/18/23

Ready? Wear headphones.


  1. I'm The Slime (Single Version) by Frank Zappa on Over-Nite Sensation (50th Anniversary) (UMG)
  2. Sourced by Tammo Hesselink on Beam (Nous'klaer Audio) New
  3. Sandbox by Gooooose on Rudiments (SVBKVLT) New
  4. TIME by Rolrolrol on MUSIC (Ilian Tape) New
  5. Semicircle by Blue Cranes on My Only Secret (Jealous Butcher Records) New
  6. Fancy Pants by The Lightmen Plus One on Fancy Pants (Now Again Records)
  7. Sly by Herbie Hancock on Head Hunters (Columbia)
  8. Always by Jonah Yano on Portrait of a Dog (Innovative Leisure) New
  9. Song of Spring by Bart on Some Kind of Way (Idée Fixe Records) New
  10. Money Don't Matter 2 Night by Prince on Diamonds and Pearls (NPG Records)
  11. All This While by Muito Kaballa on Like a River (Batov Records) New
  12. She's So Loose by Supergrass on I Should Coco (The Echo Label Limited)
  13. Parachute Kernel by Teqmun on Organic Oscillations (Flippen Bits) New
  14. Fly Black Stork by Call Super on Eulo Cramps (Can You Feel The Sun) New
  15. Rozay by Jonny From Space on Heat Wave EP (JFS Records) New
  16. You Thought It by Planetary Assault Systems on Archives Two (Peacefrog Holdings) New
  17. Finally by PLOY (Timedance) New
  18. Two Beats Off by Fugazi on Repeater & 3 Songs (Dischord)