"there are a thousand hours in my day"


  1. Horse by The Dirty Three on Horse Stories (Touch and Go)
  2. Wax Nostalgic by Eliza Rickman on Footnotes for the Spring (Charmingly Befuddled)
  3. The Ocean Life by Moriah Bailey on I Tried Words (Keeled Scales)
  4. 1000 Hours by Oxbow (ft. Roger Joseph Manning Jr.) on Love's Holiday (Ipecac) Local
  5. Orange by Anna B Savage on in | FLUX (City Slang)
  6. Walking Through Morning Dew by Shana Cleveland on Manzanita (Hardly Art)
  7. Jack o' Diamonds by Blind Lemon Jefferson on The Gold Collection: Acoustic Blues (Digital Dejavu)
  8. As Far As You by The Burning Paris on Everything Is Broken & I Don't Feel a Thing (Pax Aeternum)
  9. Sweet Memz by Poliça on Madness (Memphis Industries)
  10. Afterglow (Boom Bip Remix) by The Album Leaf (Nettwerk) New
  11. Hope U Feel by Rituals of Mine on Hype Nostalgia (Carpark) Local
  12. Ixchel, The Lady Rainbow by Sister Crayon on Bellow (Manimal Vinyl) Local
  13. Leaves Me Dry by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark) Local
  14. Sunday by Momma (Run for Cover)
  15. Acid Tongue by Ringo Deathstarr on Pure Mood (Real Cool Trash)
  16. The Price Was High by Drop Nineteens on Hard Light (Wharf Cat) New
  17. Love Is Good by Meernaa on So Far So Good (Keeled Scales) New Local
  18. Pushing Me by salami rose joe louis on Akousmatikous (Brainfeeder) Local
  19. Wrong by BADVRIL on Dust Remover (self released) Local
  20. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls cover) by BADVRIL on Dust Remover (self released) Local
  21. Low Doser by Sour Widows on Sour Widows EP (self released) Local
  22. Drop of Kerosene by seablite on Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn.) New Local
  23. Well and Spring by Crying on Beyond the Fleeting Gales (Run for Cover Records)
  24. Sub Yellow by Slow Mass on Music for Ears 3 (Landland Colportage)
  25. Hot Breath by Pile on "You're Better Than This" (Exploding In Sound)
  26. The Gift by CURSETHEKNIFE on There's a Place I Can Rest (self released) New