ShortyRock - Ep #22 - Metal and punk and then some


  1. You're Dead by Norma Tanega on I'm The Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964-1972 (Anthology Recordings) Info

    From Wikipedia: "Norma Cecilia Tanega (January 30, 1939 – December 29, 2019)[2] was an American folk and pop singer-songwriter, painter, and experimental musician. In the 1960s, she had a hit with the single "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog" and wrote songs for Dusty Springfield and other prominent musicians. In later decades, Tanega worked mostly as a percussionist, playing various styles of music in the bands Baboonz, hybridVigor, and Ceramic Ensemble. She also wrote "You're Dead", which was used as the theme song of the film What We Do in the Shadows and the TV series of the same name. Biography Early life Norma Tanega was born in Vallejo, California, near San Francisco,[2] and moved to Long Beach at the age of two. Her mother, Otilda Tanega, was Panamanian. Her father, Tomas Tanega, was Filipino and worked as a bandmaster for 30 years in the United States Navy."

  2. It Clawed My Eyes Out, That's All I Know by Magic Is Kuntmaster on Nightsongs for Ugly Children (Nihilist) Info

    Mic break! Link to full album (I think?) on youtube.

  3. Lucretia by Megadeth on Rust in Peace (Capital) Info

    "This song is about a ghost that lives in Dave Mustaine's attic."

  4. Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry on Psalm 69 (Sire) Info

    "After he finished editing, Jourgensen was contacted by Sire Records about getting new recorded material for the next album. Left with little choice, Jourgensen sent in a tape of “Jesus Built My Hotrod”, since it was the only song he had by this time. Sire staff were irritated with only having “Jesus Built My Hotrod” to release, and as well that most of an advance, initially intended for the record, were spent by Jourgensen and his acquaintances on drugs. Jourgensen told them to either release the song and pay another advance, or terminate the contract.... In a 2016 interview, Jourgensen said that the song was partially inspired by his youth experiences with his stepfather, a stock car driver and mechanic.[35] Commenting on Ministry's work for Spin Alternative Record Guide, writer Eric Weisbard likened it to “an updated, theorized” version of the Trashmen 1963 hit “Surfin' Bird”;[36] AllMusic’s editor Steve Huey supports this point in the song review.[14]"

  5. Catherine by Fracas on Always Drunk and Incapable of Love (Axis Records) Local Info
  6. Blank Generation by Richard Hell & The Voidoids on Blank Generation: The New York Scene (1975-1978) (Rhino) Info

    If you haven't read it, read Please Kill Me y Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil, it is a great glimpse into the NYC scene in this era. Also, per Wikipedia this track was a "rewrite of Bob McFadden and Rod McKuen's 1959 record "The Beat Generation",[3] Richard Hell wrote the new lyrics during his time with the band Television, and performed it live with another band, The Heartbreakers.[4] Malcolm McLaren claimed that the Sex Pistols' song "Pretty Vacant" was directly inspired by "Blank Generation".[5]"

  7. White Punks on Dope by The Tubes on The Tubes (A&M) Info

    Local I didn't realize these guys were local! Nina Hagen also once covered this track.

  8. strat war at 33 1/3 by Jon Brumit on Piledriver: Recordings from the san francisco dump (Self) Info

    Local Mic break! The link below shows his bio from when he had a residency at the SF dump, August 2002 - November 2002 when this recording was made. He also started the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race in SF in Potrero. His IG is @jonbrumit and you should definitely follow him.

  9. I Got A Right by Iggy & The Stooges on Punk Legends: The American Roots (Jungle) Info
  10. Red Tape by Circle Jerks on The Decline of Western Civilization: The Soundtrack From the Film (Expanded Music) Info
  11. X Offender by Blondie on Blondie (Chrysalis)
  12. I Love Living in the City by Fear on The Decline of Western Civilization: The Soundtrack From the Film (Expanded Music) Info

    Trigger warning - offensive/homophobic language. Tried to edit a bit... "In the film, Fear performed a set in which they baited members of the audience with personal attacks, sexist and homophobic slurs, and offbeat humor, inspiring some audience members to come on stage to fight them."

  13. Incubus (Blue Suit) by Tuxedomoon on Buy or Die EP (Ralph Records) Info

    Local Ralph Records was the Residents' own label. Based in SF. Tuxedomoon was formed in SF in 1977 by electronic music students at SF City College. I got to interview Michael Belfer (RIP), a former member, for one of my college thesis papers, lol.

  14. Ask the Angels by Patti Smith Group on Blank Generation: The New York Scene (1975-1978) (Rhino) Info

    I love this comp.

  15. I Don't Want to Die For My Country by Square Cools on Not So Quiet on the Western Front (Alternative Tentacles) Info

    Local If you haven't heard this comp and like punk and punk history, you should definitely check it out. 1982 comp by Alternative Tentacles with a shit-ton of local bands at the time (47!) with most tracks only a minute or so...except Flipper coming in at 4:35 because...Flipper.

  16. Listless by S.I.B. on The Third World War (Crotalo) Info

    "Back in 1980 in Italy there was a band called R.N.A. Transfert who were a covers band playing songs by the likes of Iggy Pop, The Police, The Heartbreakers etc but bored of this guitarist Red G. Seventeen, Dirk and Sifney left and formed a punk band called Red Brigades. They were joined a few weeks later by female vocalist Tracy Crazy and then by rhythm guitarist S S Hirschmann. Finding it difficult to get gigs in Italy whilst called Red Brigades they changed their name to S.I.B. (short for Swelling Itching Brain which was a song by Devo). In April 1981 they recorded their only album, The Third World War, but a year or so after this they split due to musical differences. From the album, this is their 80 second masterpiece, Listless....."

  17. NEW BOY by CLT DRP on Nothing Clever, Just Feelings (Venn) Info

    New You can support this band by purchasing music from their bandcamp. Click "INFO"

  18. Fitness by Snooper on Super Snooper (Third Man) Info

    New Album available on bandcamp! Click "INFO"

  19. Forgotten Whales by That 1 Guy on Songs in the Key of Beotch (self) Info

    Local He was local when this album came out, now based in Vegas. He is still awesome though. Definitely someone to check out. Coming to Brentwood Emporium on 3/23/24. Clink INFO for deets.

  20. Security by Amyl and the Sniffers on Comfort To Me (ATO Records) Info

    Amyl and the Sniffers are an Australian pub rock and punk rock band based in Melbourne