1. Coup de Grace by dugong jr, IJALE on Coup de Grace (Majestic Casual records)
  2. LOST YOU by veggi, lowgo, benita on LIQUID (Lowly)
  3. Can't Get Enough by Cupidon, narou & Kaisha on Like That (Sundae Sauuce)
  4. Like that by young Franco, pell, jafunk on Like That (Universal)
  5. Dancing Elephants by Rochelle Jordan on Play With the Changes (Young Art Records)
  6. alright by victoria monet on Jaguar II (RCA)
  7. All Roads by Lucy Park on All Roads (After Dinner Records)
  8. Preta by June Freedom on Anchor Baby (Flight Club Music)
  9. Garden by Dylan Guy, edaja on Garden (Self Released)
  10. doesn't matter by Never Dull on Doesn't matter (New State Music)
  11. Turn it all the way up by jungle bobby, lentra on Turn it all the way up (Jungle Bobby)
  12. Window by Spill Tab on Window (Arista)
  13. SILVER LINING by Jackson Homer, Saïna on SILVER LINING (Jackson Homer via DMY)
  14. Thinkin bout you by Lion Babe on Thinkin Bout you (Lion Babe LLC)
  15. WOOF by Kojaque, biig Piig on WOOF (soft boy records, Kobalt music publishing, In one song)