Pulse Width Mornings - Episode 100


  1. Video Games by LukHash on Video Games (Self-Released)
  2. Gay Crush by ThronoCrigger on Simulacra (Self-Released)
  3. ILY RAMONA!! by MIDI BUNNY on MIDI BUNNY EP (Self-Released)
  4. prelude by bo en on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  5. i still miss you by bo en on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  6. be okay '23 by bo en, avec avec on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  7. umbra's warm bosom [𝙾𝙿𝙽𝙼𝙸𝙳𝙸 𝚟𝚎𝚛.] by msx on TIME TRIPPER circuit01_abyssal (Self-Released)
  8. astro by axis twelve & sxth sns on All Nighter Vol.8 (FORM)
  9. every day I walk around like crazy! don't you? by bo en, plus-tech squeeze box on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  10. (we are) friends by bo en, winamp boys on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  11. Maboroshi by Hyper Potions, Synthion & MYLK on Collector's Box (Screenwave Media)
  12. ? by Emplexx, Sunnexo & Wherefore on All Nighter Vol. 8 (FORM)
  13. i hate winter by bo en, cwondo on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  14. paler, still paler by bo en on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  15. our time by bo en, PAS TASTA on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  16. iykyk. by Wobbleflonk on All Nighter Vol.8 (FORM)
  17. Babe, You Look Poggers Tonight! by 3xBlast on Babe, You look Poggers Tonight! (Self-released)
  18. MWP '03 (feat. augustus) by bo en, kane west on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  19. i'll fall (again) (feat. babymorocco) by bo en, bamster, babymorocco on pale machine 2 (Self-Released)
  20. kaerimichi by nxvb on All Nighter Vol. 8 (FORM)
  21. Kodoku Na Fruits (Vocal Version) by Tobokegao on Kodoku Na Fruits (Vocal Version) EP (Self-Released)
  22. mistswimmer (with Darius) by Mayhem on Washed Out (Self-Relesed)
  23. dream;Gate (ft. azuria sky) by newlife+ on Single (Self-Released)
  24. Deltaplane by Grizzly Cogs on Deltaplane (Self-Released)
  25. Plingonberries by Rymdkraft on Single (Self-Released)
  26. Will To Survive by Decaying Tigers x Pulsing on Stelarux (Decaying Tigers x Pulsing) (Self-Released)
  27. Take No Sh‐t by Cyanide Dansen on Do No Harm (Bytedoll Records)
  28. Future Tense by Henry Homesweet on Archaic Revival (Bleepstreet Records)
  29. Track to the Sound by Henry Homesweet on Luke’s Atari (8bitpeoples)
  30. Swing N Shift by Shirobon on Reject (Hyperwave Records)
  31. Chrono Tripper by Spamtron on Never Say Die! (8bitpeoples)
  32. Thanks For Listening! by 3xBlast on Babe, You look Poggers Tonight! (Self-released)
  33. Blast Off! by 8bit bEtty on Too Bleep to Blop (Hippocamp)