Ep. 112 - "Itinerant"

It's hard to fathom we only have 20 days left on the countdown to 2024. Not sure why, but 2023 just still feels so fresh. Along with the usual assortment of classic indie/alternative, we've got new tracks from Melenas, A Giant Dog, Blues Lawyer, Speedy Ortiz, Francis of Delirium, Oranger, Dowsing, and more!


  1. Bang by Melanas on Ahora (Trouble In Mind) New
  2. Bigger by Fazerdaze (Section1) New
  3. My My by Plumtree on This Day Won't Last At All (Endearing)
  4. Night Landing by Oranger on Everyone Says You're Lots Of Fun (Upset Cat) New Local
  5. Glitter by No Age on Everything In Between (Sub Pop)
  6. Imagine Why by Pet Fox (Exploding In Sound)
  7. Moving On by Century Egg (Forward Music Group)
  8. RMT by Dowsing on No One Said This Would Be Easy (self-released) New
  9. Digging For Something by Superchunk on Majesty Shredding (Merge)
  10. Self Betterment In A Time Of Loneliness by Short Fictions on Oblivion Will Own Me And Death Alone Will Love Me (LAUREN) New
  11. Missing All by No Waves on POSTCARD - EP (Stomp) New
  12. Pull Back by Cruel Sister on Turgid (Is Right) New
  13. Map, Territory by Repairs (self-released) New
  14. Good News by Deux Trois on Reject (self-released)
  15. Detritus Andronicus by Chemtrails (PNKSLM) New
  16. The Clod And The Pebble by Radiation City on Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl (Polyvinyl)
  17. Blue Tuesday by Francis Of Delirium (Dalliance) New
  18. Teflon by Spesh on Famous World (self-released)
  19. Salary by Blues Lawyer on All In Good Time (Dark Entries) New Local
  20. War Paint by Ex Hex on Rips (Merge)
  21. Television by IDLES on Joy As An Act Of Resistance. (Partisan)
  22. Watch It Burn by A Giant Dog on Bite (Merge) New
  23. Godspell by The Cardigans on Super Extra Gravity (Nettwerk)
  24. Naher zu dir by Tocotronic on Tocotronic (Rock-O-Tronic)
  25. Nice, Nice by Lifter Puller on Fiestas & Fiascos (self-released)
  26. Healer by Torche on Meanderthal (Relapse)
  27. MYSTERY by TURNSTILE on GLOW ON (Roadrunner)
  28. Ranch vs. Ranch by Speedy Ortiz on Rabbit Rabbit (Wax Nine) New
  29. Earthquakes Come Home by Shudder To Think on Pony Express Record (Epic)
  30. Supreme Truth by Spirit Award on Muted Crowd (Union Zero)
  31. i can see my house from here by The Glands on The Glands (Capricorn)
  32. Everybody Works by Jay Som on Everybody Works (Polyvinyl) Local
  33. Le Grand Balloon by A. Savage on Several Songs About Fire (Rough Trade) New