12/27/2023 - Part 2 of G's Chill Lounge Rewind 2023!

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Brochure by RMB Justize, DESH on Single (Radio Juicy)
  2. Private Party (feat Siaira Shawn) by V. Cartier on Single (Self Release)
  3. Secrets by Amaria on Single (Fashionably Early LLC)
  4. Subtle Games feat. jjad (Liv East remix) by Mezraa on Single (FREE99, Bunker Sounds)
  5. Charismatic by Hailey Knox on Single (Self Release)
  6. Come With Me feat. Germaine by Mikey Alfred on Single (Illegal Civilization)
  7. Tempo by Luna Elle on Single (Hot Freestyle Records)
  8. Glowin 4 Me, Pt. 2 feat. Amaria BB by Eric IV on Single (YE Records)
  9. Right Back In It by Leela James on Single (BMG)
  10. Make Some Time feat. Eric Roberson by Jeff Bradshaw on Single (The SRG/ILS Group)
  11. Blind Trust by Vandell Andrew, Sir Tim on Single (Vandell Music)
  12. Slow Dancing by V of BTS on LayOver EP (BigHit Music)
  13. Another by Mileena on Single (Self Release)
  14. idc feat. Kevin Ross by CAMP on Single (INVS)
  15. I Just Want You by Autmn Rains on You Know, I Can't Stay (Self Release)
  16. Sailor Moon by NBDY on Take Control (Wolfchild Music LLC)
  17. Leave Your Heart by Hailey Smalls on Single (Self Release)
  18. like this. by Thomas Ng on Single (Warner Music)
  19. So Serious by Silk Cinema on Single (Self Release)
  20. Glide by JJAD on Single (Self Release)
  21. Tempted by Silk Cinema on A Place In The Universe (Self Release)
  22. Just We feat. Jordan Occassionally by Mak Ro on Single (Self Release)
  23. Impatient by Neila, Capella Grey on Bite Me (Self-Released)
  24. Exploring feat. PRVTE by CamTrao on Single (Self Release)
  25. Cool With You by New Jeans on 2nd EP (ADOR Co., Ltd.)
  26. Seven feat. Latto by Jungkook of BTS on Single (BigHit Music)
  27. How We Roll feat. Chris Brown by Ciara on Single (Beauty Mark Entertainment/RCA)
  28. Replay by John Concepcion on Single (Venice Music)
  29. Encore by Lolo Zouaï on Single (Self Release) Local
  30. Can't Stop feat. Elsa by THE CODE on Single (Self Release)
  31. West Coast Chill by Yaahn Hunter Jr. on Summer Tape (yhuntermusic) Local
  32. Nice by Brianna Castro on Single (Self Release)
  33. Deal Wit Ya feat. Zae France by Ky'Rel on Single (Self Release)
  34. S.A.D by deSirene on The Lure, Pt. 2 (Self Release)
  35. SHADOWS by The Jungle on Single (Self Release) Local
  36. Leave it Behind by AMAKA on Single (Venice Music)
  37. El Cielo by Thilo on Heaven/El Cielo EP (Better Together Entertainment)
  38. Sintonia by Immasoul on Single (EMPIRE)
  39. Switch by Her Silhouette on Single (Self Release)
  40. In My Eyes by Amelia Rose on Single (Self Reease)
  41. Magnetic by Yo Trane on Single (Self Release)
  42. Illusion by Sydny August on Single (Self Release)
  43. Patience by Majid Jordan on Good People/After Hours (OVO Sound)
  44. Tell Me Is It Worth It (MIsha Remix) by Lina Nikol, Boyan on A Mood Called You Remixes (Stereofox)
  45. Standing Next You by Jungkook of BTS on GOLDEN (BigHit Music)
  46. Standing Next To You (Usher Remix) by Jungkook of BTS on Single (BigHIt Music)