Vibe CNTRL Radio EP# 55 ft JamJar SF

Welcome to the 55th episode of Vibe CNTRL Radio - Hosted and DJed by BlckSpkz. In this special episode, we're turning the spotlight onto the leading ladies of Jam Jar, a vibrant force in San Francisco's music scene. Founded by the dynamic duo Eva and Becca, Jam Jar stands out as a community-oriented music collective, dedicated to providing local musicians with the exposure and paid opportunities they deserve.


Featured Tracklist

Joe Bataa, Nickdamu5,  Los Pirañas, Huney Knuckles, Avishai Cohen, LaDoña, Willie Bobo, Mandrill, Ondatropica, Los Pirañas, Flat Sun Society, Robert Glasper ft Erykah Badu, and Oleg Ponomarev.

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  1. Gypsy Woman (Demo Version) by Joe Bataan on Under The Streetlamps: Anthology 1967-72 (Craft Recordings)
  2. Stratosphere by Huney Knuckles (Sticky Pockets Productions)
  3. Mi Swing es Tropical by Nickodemus on Endangered Species (Wonderwheel Recordings)
  4. Todos Tenemos Hogar by Los Piranas on Historia Natural (Glitterbeat Records)
  5. Smash by Avisahi Cohen, Mark Guiliana on Continuo (Razdaz Records)
  6. I Don't Know by Willie Bobo on Bobo Motion (UGM Records)
  7. Can't Eat Clout by La Doña on Can't Eat Clout (Text Me Records)
  8. Cohelo by Mandrill on Mandrill is (UMG Records)
  9. Cumbia Espacial by Ondatropica on Ondatropica (Soundway Records)
  10. Robert Glasper by Robert Glasper on Black Radio (Blue Note Records)
  11. Turka by Oleg Ponomarev on Oleg Ponomarev: Master of the Russian Gypsy Violin (Architect Recording Company)