Maniac Mansion Holiday Show 2023


  1. Merry Christmas by Valery and the Greedies on They Will Come! (ЯК-028)
  2. K-Hole by Silver Jews on Tanglewood Numbers (Drag City)
  3. A Freak's Christmas by The Pheromoans on Does This Guy Stack Up? (Upset The Rhythm)
  4. Christmas Weather by The Student Teachers on Invitation To... The Student Teachers (Nacional)
  5. Jingle Bitch by Sex Hands on Season 1 (self-released)
  6. Your Holiday Treat by Frog Eyes on Carey's Cold Spring (Paperbag)
  7. December '93 by Eric's Trip on Forever Again (Sub Pop)
  8. That's All I Want by Reigning Sound on If Christmas Can't Bring You Home (Norton)
  9. Christmas Colors by Brandy on The Gift of Repetition (Total Punk)
  10. Santa's in the Closet by Ariel Pink on Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (Mexican Summer)
  11. Xmas Song by School Damage on A TO x (Chapter)
  12. Sleigh Ride by El Vez on Merry Mex-Mas (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  13. Father Christmas by Kinks on Come Dancing (Reprise)
  14. Monster Holiday by Lou Chaney on Classic Halloween Songs (Comedy Classic)