FIRST show of 2024 wooo

Get ready for more small town truckin tunes YEEEEAAAAAH 2024


  1. My Dude by Nate Budroe on My Dude (Hound Sound) Local
  2. Flow Down by The Last Gray Wolf on Sharkstooth (Gulch Alley) New Local
  3. Hymn To Me by Nightlands on Moonshine (Western Vinyl)
  4. Southern Raphael by Will Stewart on Way Gone (Cornelius Chapel)
  5. Miracle Fruit by Molly Lewis on Mirage (Jagjaguwar)
  6. First Bird by Bill Callahan on YTILAER (Drag City)
  7. Gloves for Garbage by Damaged Bug on Hubba Bubba (Castle Face)
  8. Gogo Boots 9AM by Now on And Blue Space Is Burning New (Sloth Mate)
  9. When Winter Comes Around by The Lemon Twigs on Everything Harmony (Captured Tracks)
  10. On My Mind by Circles Around the Sun on Let It Wander (Rhino)
  11. Live Jack by MJ Lenderman on Ghost of Your Guitar Solo (Dear Life)
  12. Brooklyn Police Station by Foxygen on ...And Star Power (Jagjaguwar)
  13. Long Journey by Langhorne Slim on Strawberry Mansion (Dualtone)