Episode 8: Cold Undertones

I have not been in the holiday spirit this December, so to end the month and new year, let's listen to some jams that give them a cold/winter feeling.  Hopefully, the vibe of this episode is not too sad and lets us escape a little into our seasonal depression. Let us indulge in the sadness and let the rain or snow take over.


  1. wish ✮⋆˙ by horsegiirL on wish ✮⋆˙ (Live From Earth Klub)
  2. A Simple Motion by Glixen on She Only Said (Julia’s War)
  3. Still Dark by Pure Hex on Still Dark (2022 neon bloodbath records) Local
  4. Do Not Enter by Glare on Void in Blue (Self Release)
  5. Relay by trauma ray on trauma ray (self released)
  6. el prado freestyle by untitled halo on single (self)
  7. Splendor by Glixen on She Only Said (Julia’s War)
  8. Taprobane by My Vitriol on Finelines (sony music entertainment)
  9. Pain by Ragana on Desolation's Flower (The Flenser)
  10. Morning Star by King Woman on Celestial Blues (Relapse Records)
  11. Song for an Unborn Sun by Midwife on Like Author, Like Daughter (Whited Sepulchre Records)
  12. A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut by Have A Nice Life on Deathconsciousness (The Flenser)
  13. (coda) by Bleach Lab on Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness (Nettwerk)
  14. My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski on The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We (Dead Oceans)
  15. Concorde by Black Country, New Road on Snow Globes (Ninja Tune)
  16. Guilt Is My Boyfriend by Giles Corey on Hinterkaifeck (The Flenser)
  17. Marlene Dietrich by black midi on Cavalcade (Rough Trade)
  18. Mastermind Specialism by English Teacher on Mastermind Specialism (Universal)
  19. A01 by Salvana on Salvana (Magic In The Air)
  20. Smokescreen by Pearly Drops on Call For Help (FEF Corp.)
  21. why do i try by Psych on why do i try (self released)
  22. Me by The 1975 on The 1975 (Deluxe Version) (Dirty Hit)
  23. gave you my all by juggler on gave you my all (self released)
  24. Ashtray by Narrow Head on Satisfaction (Floodlight Records)
  25. The Infinite Depth In Her Eyes by Jonah Castelli on Sleep Until The Colors Dissolve (self released)
  26. Winter Lady by Leonard Cohen on Songs of Leonard Cohen (Sony)
  27. Winter is Blue by Vashti Bunyan on Just Another Diamond Day (Dichristina)
  28. O Death by Shakey Graves, Monica Martin on Fargo Year 2 (Sony)
  29. Moon Dude by Jessica Pratt on On Your Own Love Again (Drag City)
  30. Morning Sun by Dave Bixby on Ode To Quetzalcoatl (wreckingballwreckords)
  31. Sideria by Duster on Stratosphere (Numero Group)
  32. Lullaby by The Cure on Distegration (Polydor)
  33. Pictures of Your Pets by Newgrounds Death Rugby on Pictures of Your Pets (Sun Eater)
  34. Wind Stress by Pure Hex on Pure Hex (Honeydew Records) Local
  35. I Don't Want To Do This Anymore by Pile on A Hairshirt of Purpose (Exploding in Sound)
  36. Fingers by It Looks Sad. on It Looks Sad. (Tiny Engines)