Black Girl Joy Episode 144

FeaturingBritti, UCHE YARA, Astrønne and more!

Besties in Buggies!


  1. Legit Rage by Enesi M., Demi Yo'ko on DYSTOPIA (Self-Released)
  2. Strange Delights by Nailah Hunter (Fat Possum)
  3. Winter by Ruby Amanfu (Like Butta Baby Music)
  4. Christmas '96 by Wife Patrol (995179 Records DK)
  5. River by ALA.NI on Christmas, Vol. 2 (Self-Released)
  6. RAH by EI8HT (Self-Released)
  7. Abject - Demo by Taves on Akátá (Harsh Riddims)
  8. Tojo (Eun Remix) [feat. Demae] by Kokoroko on Could We Be More Remixes (Brownswood Recordings)
  9. BABIE GORGEOUS by Aisha Dee on SUITCASE (Creative Room)
  10. Galaxy by DRAMA on Till We Die (DRAMA MUSIC)
  11. Everyday by Q (Boy Meets Euphoria)
  12. Nido De Avispas by TWEAKS on In The House We Built of Pearls (The Selected Demos) (Seet Deh)
  13. PEACES by Stemlines on L4TA (Self-Released)
  14. Best of the Best by Kiah Victoria (Tralala)
  15. Drream by JGrrey, Zombie Juice on If Not Now? (PACE)
  16. No, No, No Pt. 2 by Sly5thAve, Jonathan Mones (Tru Thoughts)
  17. Theme for Cha-Cha by Lynda Dawn on At First Light (Lynda Dawn Music)
  18. Kanou - J. Pool Revision by Fatoumata Diawara on Single (Self-Released)
  19. Flesh by Martha Da'ro on PHILOPHOBIA (Aniratak)
  20. Sema by Anaïs on CHAOTIC GOOD (Anaïs Dju)
  21. Ça Suffit by Amahla (Self-Released)
  22. Take It Easy (Miles' Song) by Ego Ella May on FIELDNOTES PT III (Self-Released)
  23. Sophie by UCHE YARA (goldendays FM)
  24. Keep Running by Britti (Easy Eye Sound)
  25. Reconnect by Astrønne (Touching Bass Limited)
  26. It's Between (Me n U) by TWEAKS on In The House We Built of Pearls (The Selected Demos) (Seet Deh)
  27. Can't Shut Us Down by Kitty Ca$h, PawPad Rod (Self-Released)
  28. Feel A Way by Stacy N.K.R (ROOT 73)
  29. Sweat by SixSaidIt, Toye Aru (Self-Released)
  30. Catch Me If You Can by Black Girls Glow, melody blessing, NYA, Aka Kelzz on Orange It Is (Self-Released)
  31. omg by brazy (Self-Released)
  32. i'm not her by Daiela (Self-Released)
  33. LET HER BE by Maina Doe on Single (Valve Sounds)
  34. 20 Shades by Anastasia, Jenomé (Self-Released)
  35. Ambition by Angel-Faith (Angel-Faith Music)
  36. project - A COLORS SHOW by Zowie Kengocha (COLORSxSTUDIOS)
  37. One Of A Kind Love Affair by Kadhja Bonet (Fat Possum)
  38. OPENHEARTED by anaiis on this is no longer a dream [DELUXE] (Dream Sequence Recordings LLC)