The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ R. Missing & DJ Misanthropia Narcissus (Detroit) 12/26/23


  1. Placeholder For The Night by R. Missing on Placeholder For The Night EP (Terminal Echo)
  2. Bad Trash by Switchblade Symphony on Serpentine Gallery (Cleopatra)
  3. Piano Ghost by The Ultimate Dreamers on Echoing Reverie (Wave Tension)
  4. Wasteland by The Mission UK on Gods Own Medicine (Mercury)
  5. Get Outta Dodge by Heathen Apostles on The Goodbye Family EP (Ratchet Blade)
  6. My Time As A Ghostly Someone Else by R. Missing on My Time As A Ghostly Someone Else single (Terminal Echo)
  7. Dancer In The Dark by Beborn Beton on Darkness Falls Again (Dependent)
  8. Unicorn (Duet Version) by Apoptygma Berzerk on Harmonizer (Metropolis)
  9. Katarsis by She Past Away on Narin Yalnızlık (Metropolis)
  10. Heavens Lower by R. Missing on Heavens Lower single (Terminal Echo)
  11. Nemesis by Shriekback on Oil And Gold (Island)
  12. Telekinesis by Altar De Fey on The Insatiable Desire... For More (Occult Whispers)
  13. Cavity - First Communion by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain (Frontier)
  14. Suicidal Birds by HELALYN FLOWERS on Àiresis (Alfa Matrix)
  15. Bang Bang Bang by Suicide Commando on Goddestruktor (Out Of Line)