West of Twin Peaks Radio #196 - Best of the Bay 2023

This special Best of the Bay 2023 episode is a full 2 hours of local music released this past year that deserves your attention and recognition! In no particular order - 22 songs by Bay area artists and bands, many of whom were guests on West of Twin Peaks Radio this year.


  1. Reality MInd (Tiny Telephone Sessions by Madeline Kenney on The Same Again: ANRM Tiny Telephone Session (Carpark Records) New Local
  2. I Drew a Line by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark) Local
  3. Rollercoasters by Medscool on Raw (Daddy Blast Records) Local
  4. Music and Heart by Marika Christine on Soft Like an Apricot (Ghost Mountain Records) Local
  5. Bright Skies by The Breathing Room on The Breathing Room (The Breathing Room) Local
  6. All The Birds by Analog Dog on single (Digital Cat) Local
  7. Escher Girl by Grooblen on A Wormhole is a Freeway to the Stars (Riot Daddy) Local
  8. The Wild Card by King Dream on single (King Dream) New Local
  9. Glass Buildings by Jacob Aranda on War Planes (Speakeasy Studios) Local
  10. Foggy Valley by Damma Damma (Arlonius Monk Music) Local
  11. Next Wave by The Seismics (Oumuamua Records) Local
  12. Don't Waste My Time by The Helltones on Medusa (The Helltones) New Local
  13. Tragedy Dolls by James Beastly on Junk Values (James Paulos) Local
  14. Wax Mannequin Mode by Everyone Is Dirty on Caramels for Grandpa (Donut Time Audio) Local
  15. Better Bird by Maya Elise & The Good Dream on Everything We Watered (Maya Elise & The Good Dream) Local
  16. Angora by The Canterbury Bells on single (Manzanita Bay Records) Local
  17. Bunnies by Indianna Hale on Yesterday's Glitter (Perpetual Doom) Local
  18. Mood Indigo by Asha Wells on Water Words (Royal Oakie Records) Local
  19. Cheap Hotel Reprise (feat Aux Meadows) by Michael James Tapscott on Charlie No-Face EP (Royal Oakie Records) New Local
  20. Cheap Hotel by Michael James Tapscott on The Beasts of History (Royal Oakie) Local
  21. Ascending Ghosts by Go By Ocean on Can I Communicate With the Unknown? (Royal Oakie) Local
  22. the truth can hurt you when you look at it with selfishness by Credit Electric on six (Credit Electric Union) Local
  23. Cruel Dream by Adam Spry on Slightly Off Kilter (Big Honey Records) Local
  24. Flown Down by The Last Gray Wolf on Sharktooth (Gulch Alley Records) New Local
  25. Fool's Gold by Broken Compass Bluegrass on Fool's Gold (Broken Compass Bluegrass) Local
  26. talk talk by abracadabra on Shapes & Colors (Melodic) Local
  27. Nuclear Summer by Step Children on Gnar Noir (Step Children) Local
  28. Hold Me by The Seshen on Nowhere (self released) Local
  29. Green by Cardboard People on Cardboard People (War Chant Records) Local
  30. Wonder Why by Jeff Kolhede on Dismantle (Jeff Kolhede) New Local
  31. Do Something Good by Skyway Man on Flight of the Long Distance Healer (Mama Bird Recording co) New Local