Ep 295: New Year's Resolve


  1. Dark Star by The Grateful Dead (Warner Bros.) Local
  2. Azazel by Maher Shalal Hash Baz on From a Summer to Another Summer (Geographic)
  3. Two or Three Songs by Guided by Voices on Suitcase 2 (Fading Captain Series)
  4. Fool Me Once by Baus (self released) Local
  5. Down & Around by Reality TV on Green Figurine EP (self released)

    Local Saturday at Brick & Mortar: Reality TV/ Tricky FM tape release show/ Sucker

  6. Gentle by Tricky FM on Peace, Love, Unity, Rave (Cherub Dream) Local
  7. Passing Thru by Sucker on Demo (self released) Local
  8. Let the Rhythm Run by Salt-N-Pepa on Colors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Warner Bros.)
  9. Elated Prose by Blue Ocean on Fertile State (Slumberland) Local
  10. Ego Death by Mahawam (Molly House/ Walk Cycle) Local
  11. Red Emotion by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark)

    Local Tuesday at Tiny Telephone: Madeline Kenney/ Asha Wells

  12. Impermanent I by Asha Wells (Anxiety Blanket Records) Local
  13. Glass Buildings by Jacob Aranda on War Planes (Speakeasy Studios)

    Local Sunday afternoon at Rancho Nicasio: Jacob Aranda & Sara Gallagher

  14. When Do I Care by Figure Eight on You Cry for Eternity (Cherub Dream)

    Local Sunday at Tamarack: Figure Eight/ Wife/ Taciturn (Phoenix)/ Shuv

  15. The Four of Us Are Dying by Wife on Starla's Theme (self released) Local
  16. No Excuses by Taciturn on Roach EP (self released)
  17. plastic/bending by Dani Offline (self released) Local
  18. Happy Like This by The Wind-Ups on Happy Like This (Mt.St.Mtn.) Local
  19. Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger on Stranger In Town (Hideout Records)