"you make the jump"


  1. From The Flagstones by Cocteau Twins on Sunburst And Snowblind (4AD)
  2. Makes Me Think by Trementina on Almost Reach the Sun (self-released)
  3. Why I Say No by Jay Som on Turn Into (Polyvinyl)
  4. Half Life by Catherine Wheel on Chrome (Mercury)
  5. Don't Talk In Your Sleep by Magik Markers on Balf Quarry (Drag City)
  6. Distance Dealer by Fly Pan Am on C'est ça (Constellation)
  7. High Wire by Lazy Legs on Tremor EP (self-released)
  8. Lucky by Momma on Household Name (Polyvinyl)
  9. Violet by Lacing on Without (Elder Magick)
  10. Newhouse by Brief Candles on Newhouse EP (Guilt Ridden Pop)
  11. Parasite by CURSETHEKNIFE on There's a Place I Can Rest (New Mortality Zine)
  12. The Itchy Glowbo Blow by Cocteau Twins on Blue Bell Knoll (4AD)
  13. Faded by seablite on Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  14. Escalator Ism by Peel Dream Magazine on Agitprop Alterna (Slumberland)
  15. Naysayers by Agouti on Nodes (self-released) Local
  16. If I Close My Eyes and Pretend by Spacemoth on No Past No Future (Carpark) Local
  17. Arrows by Reverie Sound Revue on Reverie Sound Revue (Boompa)
  18. Heavy Moon by Pure Hex on Pure Hex EP (self-released) Local
  19. Appendicitis by Pile on "You're Better Than This" (Exploding In Sound)
  20. Clint Eastwood by Slow Mass on Treasure Pains EP (Landland Colportage)
  21. Over Your Shoulder by Dinosaur Jr. on Without a Sound (Sire)
  22. The Comedown by Narrow Head on Moments of Clarity (Run for Cover)
  23. Actually It's Darkness by Idlewild on 100 Windows (EMI)