Too late for happy new year?


  1. Connexion by DALTON on Soleil Orange (LVP)
  2. Playlist by Teens In Trouble on single (Asian Man)
  3. How to Live With Yourself by PUP on Single (Rise)
  4. Nuthin' Like That by Buzzed Lightbeer on single (self-release)
  5. Eyelids by Memory Milk on Reflections in the Rearview (Milk Carton Music)
  6. Renaissance by Analog Dog on Color TV (Digital Cat)
  7. Lego Ring (feat. Lil Yachty) by Faye Webster on lego ring (Secretly Canadian)
  8. Colorways by Left Tracks, Sun Kin, Di Leo on End Times Haulin (Left Tracks)
  9. did it hurt by c-you on single (allesisvoorbassie)
  10. Laugh Now Cry Later by Los Shadows on Laugh Now Cry Later (Millhaus)
  11. strawberry cheesecake by High Sunn on single (Spirit Goth)
  12. One Bad Day by Spacey Jane on single (AWAL)
  13. Sorrowful Sounds by Life Size Models on Everything Changed (720539 Records DK)
  14. If You Knew by Lance Redeker on Single (Self-release)
  15. Toss n Turn by Ricky Lake on single (Text Me)
  16. NEVER AGAIN by MICHELLE on Single (Atlantic)
  17. Cariñito by PENA on En Vivo (Self Release)
  18. TU TONTO perriado by Divino Nino, Inner Wave, J3 on LSE resmescliado (Winspear)
  19. Avalanches and Unfamiliar Ways to Die by Ha Vay on single (self-released)
  20. To Me It Was - Hovvdy Version by Samia, Hovvdy on single (Grand Jury Music)
  21. Redecorate by Maggie Gently on Single (self released)
  22. Sorry Sucks by Poolhouse on single (Cinch Productions)
  23. Sunrays by Mom Cars on Colder (Self Release)
  24. Why Can't I Call You by Slightest Clue on single (self-released)
  25. Maria Tambien - Live at the Fillmore Miami by Khruangbin on Live at the Fillmore Miami (Dead Oceans)
  26. Always Forever (demo) by Cults on Always Forever EP (Columbia)
  27. Home by Small Crush on Penelope (Asian Man)
  28. Uncomfortably Happy by Jess Locke on Real Life (Dot Dot Dash)
  29. Saturday by Ultra Q on My Guardian Angel (Royal Mountain)
  30. Owned By Lust (Alternate Version) by Church Chords, zzzahara, Nels Cline, Ricardo Dias Gomes on single (Otherly Love)
  31. Cherry by SPELLLING on single (Sacred Bones)
  32. Fake by The Band Cope on single (advanced_coping_mechanism)
  33. Vampires by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Sportswear (self released)
  34. Clout by Common Koi on single (self-released)
  35. Jerk It Off by The Band Ice Cream on Classically Trained (Urban Scandal)