1. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives by Television Personalities on ...And Don't The Kids Just Love It (Fire)
  2. Destiny by Winter on Into Darkness (Southern Lord)
  3. Sacred Predictions by Burning Witch on Crippled Lucifer (Southern Lord)
  4. only a word by tassel on NEW COVENANT (death toll)
  5. Mystere Dans Le Brouillard by Liaisons Dangereuses on Liaisons Dangereuses (Soulsheriff)
  6. Act Of The Empress by Pan Daijing on Lack (PAN)
  7. If I Die (Nonfiction Remix) by Dildox (s/r)
  8. The Carver by KABLAM on Confusía (s/r)
  9. Cloud Song by The United States of America on The United States of America (Sony)
  10. Lawrence of Euphoria by Alexander on Oar (Sony)
  11. Misty Mountain by Silver Apples on Silver Apples (Geffen)
  12. Omar Gatlato by Ahmed Malek on Musique originale de films (Habibi Funk)
  13. Something About Hope by His Name Is Alive on All The Mirrors In the House (Home Recordings 1979-1986 Volume 1) (Disciples)
  14. A Deeper Sleep For Steven by Pale Saints on Mrs. Dolphin (4AD)
  15. Formentera Sunset Clouds by Iasos on Inter-Dimensional Music (Inter-Dimensional Music)
  16. Hakken Dub by Aïsha Devi on Hakken Dub/Throat Dub EP (Danse Noire)
  17. Shoot Me... by Grief on Dismal (Activist)
  18. Troll by Thorr's Hammer on Dommedagsnatt (Southern Lord)
  19. Back To The Waters by Pseudocode on Europa (Sub Rosa)
  20. Connard by Position Parallele on La Dialectique du calbute sale (Binge Audio)
  21. La Ambulancia by Tornische on Interiorismo (Cititrax)
  22. Expanding Into The Universe by JD Emmanuel on Wizards (North Star)
  23. The Heavenly Music Corporation I by Fripp & Eno on No Pussyfooting (Opal Ltd.)
  24. That Darn Keet by Negativland on Points (Seeland) Local
  25. 27b4 by John Bender on I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want to Talk About It (Superior Viaduct)